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Targeting for 1.00 diopter myopia in cataract patients: a tale of 50 cases

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First Author: S.Islam BANGLADESH

Co Author(s):    S. Islam                    

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To evaluate the results of targeting 1:00 diopter myopia for both eyes in cataract patents


National Institute of Ophthalmology and Hospital Dhaka Bangladesh


This cross sectional interventional study was from 2013 to 2014. 50 cases (100 eyes) were selected as per inclusion criteria. Following pre-operative assessment, Phacoimulsification with PCIOL (ALCON ACRYSOF IQ) implantation was done under local anaesthesia by temporal incision. Biometry was done by immersion method. Topical antiobiotic and steroids were prescribed post-operatively. Surgery in each eye was deferred by at least 01 month. All the surgeries were performed by a single surgeon. All the surgeries were uneventful. Followup was done at POD 1, 15 and 30. The visual acuity at near and distance was noted.


Preoperatively the mean BCVA LogMAR was 0.84 �Â�±0.139. At POD 30, the unaided mean was 0.186�Â�±0.040.p value is less than 0.05. 82% had a binocular LogMAR unaided distant visual acuity of 0.20, 16% had 0.1 and 2% had a binocular LogMAR unaided distant visual acuity of 0.30. and in case of near vision, 96% had N6 binocularly and the rest had N8 unaided. 47 (94%) patients out of 50 did not want optical correction for distant or near. 01 (02%) patient wanted optical correction for distant and near vision and 02 (04%) wanted optical correction for near.


Targeting 1 diopter myopia for both eyes is an easy, acceptable and affordable approach to address post-operative optical status in carefully selected patients.

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