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Our experience with the new InFo Instant FocusĀ© multifocal IOL

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First Author: A.Georgieva BULGARIA

Co Author(s):    K. Telbizova   I. Petkova                 

Abstract Details


To present our clinical results after phacoemulsification and implantation of the InFo intraocular lens. The IOL is designed to correct the visual acuity for long, middle and short distance.


'Zora' Eye Hospital - Sofia, Bulgaria


We examined 5 eyes (3 patients) who underwent uncomplicated surgery with InFo IOL implantation. The clinical examination included: Visual acuity (VA) check (Snellen) for long (4m), middle (60 cm) and short distance (40 cm), contrast sensitivity (CS) examination using the Pelli-Robson chart and filling a questionnaire to evaluate the patient's satisfaction.


2 eyes (1 patient) achieved uncorrected long distance VA of 0,8 and 0,9 and middle- and short distance VA was 1,0. CS was 1,95 logCS. 2 eyes with -10,0 dsph preoperatively achieved postoperative long distance VA of 0,8 with correction of -0,25 dsph. The VA for middle- and short distance was 1,0. CS was 1,80 logCS. 1 eye achieved postoperatively uncorrected long distance VA of 0,9-1,0. The VA for middle- and short distance was 1,0. CS was 1,80 logCS. None of the patients reported about night glare and halos. The patient with unilateral implant had reduced mesopic contrast sensitivity .


The InFo IOL provides excellent visual function for all distances and a considerable comfort for the patient.

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