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Comparison of visual outcomes for aspheric trifocal and aspheric trifocal toric intraocular lens implantation in cataract patients

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First Author: N.Garzon SPAIN

Co Author(s):    F. Poyales   P. Garrido   I. Lopez-Brea   R. Perez           

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To compare the objective and subjective outcomes of 2 trifocal IOL, aspheric and aspherical toric, after cataract surgery


IOA Madrid Innova Ocular, Madrid, Spain


This controlled trial included 63 patients (126 eyes) who received bilateral implantation of either aspheric trifocal (POD F, 33 patients) or aspherical trifocal toric intraocular lenses (POD FT, 30 patients) (Physiol, Belgium). Depending on the corneal astigmatism, the patients were assigned to one of the two groups with Group POD F (<1.00D) and Group POD FT (>1.00D). The uncorrected and corrected visual acuities (far, 40cm, 63cm and 80cm), defocus curve, halometry, contrast sensitivity and MTF were evaluated 1 month and 3 month after implantation. Patients' satisfaction and spectacle independence were evaluated with a questionnaire administered at the 3-months follow-up.


No statistical difference was seen in the VA at any distance (p>0.05). The distance corrected visual acuities were better than 0.25 logMAR at all distances. The defocus curve, for both lenses, showed continuum VA, smaller to 0.2 LogMAR between far distance and 30cm. Halometry was better than 0.9 for all patients. Both groups showed similar contrast sensitivity for the high contrasts with a slight drop in mesopic conditions. Group POD F showed slightly higher MTF than Group POD FT. All patients were satisfied and no statistical differences were found when the questionnaires were compared.


Both lenses, aspheric trifocal and aspherical trifocal toric, provided a good restoration of visual acuities at all measured distances. Both groups had similar clinical effectiveness for visual acuity and quality of vision with no statistical difference between the two groups. Based on previous data, adding a cylinder to a Trifocal IOL is not detrimental to visual performance, quite the opposite, it provides similar visual outcomes.

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