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Influence of cataract surgery and intraocular lens implantation on the anterior chamber depth in eyes with pseudoexfoliation glaucoma and mature cataract

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First Author: K.Eltutar TURKEY

Co Author(s):    T. Alpar Akcetin   S. Zirtiloglu   S. Gurkan              

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To evaluate the changes of anterior chamber depth (ACD) intraocular pressure(IOP) and after phacoemulsification with intraocular lens (IOL) implantation, measured by optical biometry in patients with either glaucoma or mature cataract or with healthy eyes.


Istanbul Training and Education Hospital


33 eyes of 25 patients from the department of Istanbul Training and Research Hospital who had either glaucoma or mature cataract or had no ocular disease were included in this retrospective study. Of 33 eyes, 11 eyes had glaucoma, 12 had mature cataract and 10 were the control group. Preoperative and postoperative anterior chamber depth and crystalline lens thickness were measured by optical biometry. Intraocular pressure were measured by applanation tonometer. Phacoemulsification operations underwent without any complications. Operations are performed by the same surgeon.


Before surgery, mean IOP of all patients was 17,38�Â�±2,09mmHg; after surgery it was 16,50�Â�±2,81mmHg. In glaucoma patients; mean preoperative ACD was 2,76�Â�±0,32�Î�¼m; postoperative 5,08�Â�±0,32�Î�¼m. There was statistically significant increase in ACD in glaucoma patients (p=0,042). In patients with mature cataract; mean preoperative ACD was 2,69�Â�±0,38�Î�¼m; postoperative 4,83�Â�±0,24�Î�¼m. There was statistically significant increase in ACD in patients with mature cataract (p=0,005). In control group with healthy eyes; mean preoperative ACD was 3,18�Â�±0,31�Î�¼m; postoperative 4,94�Â�±0,36�Î�¼m. There was statistically significant increase in ACD with surgery in (p=0,009).


Difference between preoperative and postoperative ACD values were statistically significant in each three groups (p<0,05). The postoperative deepining of the anterior chamber in glaucoma patients may increase the aqueous humor outflow and cause to lower IOP. By this mechanism IOP may decrease in the postoperative period, which can help management of glaucoma, especially.

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