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Predictability of ocular spherical aberration after cataract surgery determined using ray tracing to measure preoperative corneal spherical aberration

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First Author: Sanctis ITALY

Co Author(s):    R. Penna   L. de Sanctis                 

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To assess the predictability of ocular spherical aberration (SA) after aspheric intraocular lens (IOL) implantation using Pentacam HR (Oculus, Germany) corneal ray tracing to measure preoperative SA.


Eye Clinic. University of Turin


In this prospective study, corneal and ocular SA (Z4,0) were analyzed using the Pentacam HR and the WASCA aberrometer (Carl Zeiss Meditec, Germany), respectively, in eyes having phacoemulsification with ZCB00 (Abbott Medial Optics, USA) implantation. The predicted postoperative ocular Z4,0 was calculated by adding the preoperative corneal Z4,0 and the labeled SA of the IOL. The prediction error of the postoperative Z4,0 was calculated as the absolute difference between the predicted and the measured ocular Z4,0.


Thirty-five eyes of 35 patients (mean age 73.2 �Â�±7.2 years) were included. The mean preoperative corneal Z4,0 was 0.300 �Â�±0.140 �Â�µm. The measured ocular Z4,0 (mean value 0.021 �Â�±0.103 �Â�µm) and the predicted ocular Z4,0 (mean value 0.030 �Â�±0.140 �Â�µm) were highly correlated (r=0.73, p<0.001) and not statistically (p=0.51) different. The mean prediction error was, on average, 0.063 �Â�±0.047 �Â�µm. It was <0.05 �Â�µm in 15/35 (42.3%) cases and <0.1 �Â�µm in 27/35 (77.1%) cases. The prediction error was not correlated (r<0.23; p>0.05) with preoperative corneal Z4,0, surgically induced corneal Z4,0, and ocular coma.


Il ray tracing corneale del Pentacam HR pu�Ã�² essere utilizzato per predirre la Z4,0 oculare dopo impianto di IOL asferica. L�â�€�™errore predittivo era in media accettabile, ma era > 0.1 microns nel 22.9 % dei casi. Tale differenza indica che la prevedibilit�Ã�  del metodo pu�Ã�² essere inadeguata per scegliere IOL asferiche con differenze di SA <0.1 microns.

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