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Outcome of secondary capsulorhexis (CCC) on hyper mature cataracts

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First Author: K.Dayawansa SRI LANKA

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Hypermature cataracts are very common in developing countries an it is challenging because of tentative extension of anterior capsulorrhexis due to high intra lenticular pressure. This is to report the out come of phaco on hyper mature cataracts using double capsulorrhexis technique


Base Hospital, Avisswella


Retrospective analysis of interventional cases with hyper mature cataracts phaco done with small capsulorrhexis (CCC) and aspirate all cortical matter from this small CCC and enlarge the CCC as a secondary procedure to facilitate the Phaco. retrospectively analysed the surgical complications and post operative out come for Nine months period


31 Eyes of 34 patients and successful phaco completed on 25 patients. 06 patients had extension of secondary capsulorrhexis but phaco was completed 02 patients had to convert in to Extracapsular cataract due to secondary extension of secondary CCC One eye was ended up with Intracapsular cataract extraction with no possibility of primary lens implantation


Secondary capsulorrhexis on hypermature cataract Phaco is a very good alternative to attempting large capsulorrhexis on first attempt because this could reduce the complications of extension of capsulorrhexis which could affect on out come drastically

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