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Effects of tropicamide 1% on anterior segment parameters

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First Author: R.Altafini ITALY

Co Author(s):    F. Guidolin   G. Sanguinetti   A. Bonan   A. Baraldi   M. Grande   V. Persichina     

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To assess the effects of tropicamide 1% instillation on pupil and angle structures in normal subjects undergoing cataract surgery.


Ophthalmic Unit - �â�€�œ Dolo Hospital�â�€� - Dolo (Venice) �â�€�“ Italy


30 healthy normal subjects without concurrent medications containing alpha1-adrenergic receptor antagonists underwent a full ophthalmic examination, including OCT anterior segment evaluation (Opko-OTI), before and after instillation of tropicamide 1% eyedrops. AS parameters were analyzed including angle opening width, amplitude of iris (from scleral spur to pupillary margin), thickness of iris dilator muscle, iris sphincter muscle and central portion iris. Dilator and sphincter muscles were measured using the standardized approach (DMR: 50% iris width, SMR: 750 microns from the pupillary margin) and using manual positioning by the operator. Statistical analysis was performed using T-Student and Pearlson correlation.


In our group of patients we observed an increase in size of angle width after dilation up to 5 �Â�°�Â�± 6�Â�°. No difference between standardized vs manual measuring was found for dilator muscle, statistically significant difference was found for sphincter muscle when measured in mydriasis (t= 0.0015). Mydriasis showed a modest inverse correlation with dilator muscle thickness in miosis (r= 0.3838), with central portion iris thickness in miosis (r = 0.3409) and with dilator muscle thickness difference between miosis and mydriasis (r = 0.3466).


In patients undergoing MICS surgery it is important to evaluate mechanisms and variables of mydriasis. Our study evaluated the variables of the anterior ocular segment configuration that can be compared over time and with patients with floppy-iris syndrome.

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