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Comparison of retrobulbar and peribulbar anaesthesia for cataract surgery

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First Author: A.Traina LIBYA

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To compare the safety ,efficacy and complication of peribulbar anesthesia with retrobulbar anesthesia for cataract surgery


Albasar eye clinic in Misurata Libya


50 Patient for cataract surgery were randomized to peribulbar and retrobulbar which performed by same ophthalmic surgeon. Pain during administration of anesthesia ,during surgery and 2 hours post operative was graded on visual pain analogue scale also subconguctival hemorrhage, retrobulbar hemorrhage, chmosis and aknesia (during surgery) were compared between two technique


20% of retrobulbar group showed experiencing unacceptable level of pain on visual pain scale (1-10) on administration of anesthesia the mean was 2.0 for peribulbar group and 4.0 for retrobulbar.The mean of interval administration of anesthesia and surgery was 10 min ,while it was 3min in retrobulbar. The chemosis was 80% in peribulabar .congunctival hemorrhage was 60 % in retrobulbar.the retrobulbar was 10% in retrobulbar group while in peribulbar group was 0 %


The peribulbar anesthesia is effective as retrobulbar for cataract surgery the pain and complication is less in peribulbar anesthesia than retrobulbar anesthesia

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