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Patient satisfaction in anaesthetic choice and pain control after cataract surgery

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First Author: R.Silva PORTUGAL

Co Author(s):    S. Frazao   P. Rodrigues   D. Reis-Cabral   S. Cruz   D. Cristovao   J. Valadares     

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To assess patient satisfaction and evaluate prevalence, severity and duration of acute postoperative pain in our patients, comparing different anaesthetic techniques.


Instituto de Oftalmologia Dr. Gama Pinto


This single-centre prospective study enrolled adult patients undergoing phacoemulsification at our institution. Postoperative pain was quantificated according to the Numeric Rating Scale integrated in a questionnaire during postoperative period (day 1, 7 and 30). This questionnaire also aimed to register other parameters, according to the Minimum Standard Set of Outcome Measures for Cataract Surgery, published in JAMA Ophthalmol. 2015; 133 (11). 4 study groups were established in order to compare the results (1 - Topical Anaesthesia; 2 - Topical Subconjunctival Block; 3 - Topical and Intracameral anaesthesia; 4 - Topical Anaesthesia Peribulbar block).


The preliminar results conclude that the majority of patients report not having pain in the postoperative period but that, when present, the pain experienced is mild-moderate and of short duration. There is a high prevalence of other ocular symptoms, namely foreign body sensation in postoperative period.


Pain is an unpleasant sensory symptom, with a subjective and cognitive dimension, which makes its evaluation and quantification a difficult task. We conclude that, although pain in postoperative cataract surgery is poorly understood, cataract surgery continues to be very well tolerated. Still, we believe that detailed knowledge of patient complaints may prevent or anticipate delayed recovery after surgery.

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