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Thin flaps help avoid overcorrection after LASIK surgery for myopia

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Session Details

Session Title: Presented Poster Session: Keratorefractive Results II

Venue: Poster Village: Pod 2

First Author: : P.Rodrigues PORTUGAL

Co Author(s): :    S. Frazao   S. Cruz   D. Cristovao   M. Marques   H. Nogueira   C. Ornelas

Abstract Details


To analyse the creation of 90μm flaps as a factor to avoid overcorrection in LASIK surgery for myopia. This allows an inferior amount of altered stroma which is seen as a possible contributor for overcorrection.


Instituto de Oftalmologia Dr. Gama Pinto.


Retrospective study of consecutive cases of LASIK surgery for myopia correction with comparison between eyes that reached emmetropia and over/undercorrected cases, 6 months after the surgery.


We analysed 400 eyes from 215 patients with a mean age of 32.78 years. Pre-operative spherical equivalent was -3.80D. Surgery was performed with manual microkeratome that allowed the creation of 90μm flaps and mean ablation of the stroma was 63.12μm. Surgical efficacy was 0.89. There were 6 cases (0.015%) of overcorrection higher than 0.50D (max: 1.38D). This group showed a statistically significant difference when compared with the undercorrected one, with higher ablation (67μm vs 65.7μm) and efficacy (0.96 vs 0.83).


It is thought that deeper ablation may contribute to overcorrection in LASIK surgery for myopia, a situation which may become very dissatisfying for the patient. In our study, the 90μm flaps allowed for a lower amount of altered corneal tissue. That could have been a factor for having few cases of overcorrection when compared to some reports of 2%-17% of consecutive hyperopia. The overcorrection was small and allowed a good efficacy. Interestingly, this group also showed higher stromal ablation, supporting the idea that this variable may contribute for overcorrection.

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