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Comparison of a new intracameral mydriasis drug with the classic topical form of mydriasis and anaesthesia in coaxial cataract surgery

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Session Title: Presented Poster Session: FLACS & Others

Venue: Poster Village: Pod 1

First Author: : P.Klonowski POLAND

Co Author(s): :    R. Rejdak              

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The classic form of anesthesia and mydriasis in cataract surgery is the use of tropicamide, phenylephrine and proxymetacain drops. It may be associated with the postoperative complications in the corneal surface epithelium condition. But efficiency of the topical mydriasis is also correlated with corneal permeability. Intracameral mydriasis direct drug delivery, and seems to be a progress in the protection of the surface of the eye in cataract surgery.


Departament of General Ophtalmology, Medical University in Lublin ,Poland


First random group of 40 patients operated by cataract with topical mydriasis drops. Pupil size was measured with a calibrated caliper. Next intraoperatively was given Mydrane. The measurement was performed again. Second group of 30 patients with only intracameral anaesthesia and mydrasis was also measured 1 minute after drug injection. Statistical analysis was performed with non-parametric tests because of the not normal distribution of the data in statistical analysis. The results are presented as median and the value of the lower and upper quartiles. The results were accepted as statistically significant at the significance level of p ≤ 0.05.


The width of the pupil after topical mydriasis was 7 mm (6.0-7.5), the pupil size after the intracameral administration of Mydrane was 8 mm (7.5-8.5). It was 1 mm of additional extension of pupil with additional injection of Mydrane. This result is equal as in group treated only with intracameral mydriasis. There were no complications associated with the additional administration of drug.


The intracameral injection of mydriasis and anesthetic drug caused further enlargement of the pupil than when using only topical myriasis. These results were statistically significant, indicating a significant potential of direct drug delivery to anterior chamber. This type of mydriasis can help the surgeon access to the anterior capsule, lens during cataract surgery.

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