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The advantage of using PRP technology in surgical treatment of large-sized macular ruptures via membrane peeling with endotamponade by air or silicone

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Session Title: Presented Poster Session: Posterior Segment

Venue: Poster Village: Pod 3

First Author: : K.Chinenova RUSSIA

Co Author(s): :    V. Kurenkov   S. Abramov   Y. Evstigneeva   N. Kuznetsova   S. Kurenkova  

Abstract Details


The advantage of using PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) technology in surgical treatment of large-sized macular ruptures via membrane peeling with endotamponade by air or silicone.


LLC “Dr. Kurenkov Clinic”, Moscow, Russia


PRP is a technology in vitreoretinal surgery based on the formation of fibrin film in macular rupture. Patients with large macular ruptures (900 -1200 nm) were devided into 4 groups. Subtotal vitrectomy (25 G) was made on all patients with removal of posterior hyaloid membrane of vitreous body and internal borderline membrane of retina. The following surgery treatments were employed: 1st group (6 eyes) - endotamponade by silicone 5700 without PRP, 2nd group (4 eyes) – endotamponade by air without PRP, 3rd group (8 eyes) -endotamponade by silicon with PRP, 4th group (6 eyes) - endotamponade by air with PRP.


Anatomical results of surgery were considered to be successful in case of full rupture closure. Patients’ follow-up periods were more than 18 months and included control of visometry, examination of eye grounds and macule OCT. Only one patient in the first group suffered from the recurrence of macular rupture with subsequent repeated surgical intervention after 7 months. In the second group, the full rupture closure was not obtained. In the third and the fourth groups, macular ruptures were fully closed with the foveolar zone stability observed up to the present day.


Application of PRP technology in vitreoretinal surgery allows high functional results and stable anatomical performances to be obtained. Abstaining from the use of endotamponade by silicon resulted in quicker patient rehabilitation and long-lasting results. Moreover, it helped to avoid such complications as secondary epiretinal fibrosis, ocular hypertension and silicon emulsification.

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