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Efficacy and rotational stability of EVO Visian toric implantable collamer lens (TICL) for myopic astigmatism correction

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Session Title: Presented Poster Session: Intraocular Refractive Results

Venue: Poster Village: Pod 2

First Author: : O.Jungwoo SOUTH KOREA

Co Author(s): :    K. Nohoon              

Abstract Details


To assess the safety, efficacy, predictability & rotational stability of correction for myopic astigmatism of EVO Visian Toric ICL (V4c ICL; STAAR Surgical, Switzerland)


Prospective, observational cases series


1004 eyes received the EVO TICL for correction of myopia & astigmatism from Aug. 2013 to Jan. 2017 were evaluated the rotational stability of correction of myopic astigmatism and 390 eyes were evaluated the safety, efficacy & predictability with EVO TICL after 1 year follow-up. The Rate of clinically significant axis mis-alignment (CSAM) which required repositioning for re-correct astigmatism was assessed in eyes undergoing EVO TICL (V4c ICL) . Preoperative manifest refraction spherical equivalent (MRSE) & manifest refraction cylinder (MRC) were -9.28 ± 2.53D & -2.48 ± 1.07D.


The log MAR UCVA was 0.01 ± 0.07 postoperatively at 1 year. The postoperative CDVA at 1 year compared with Pre-CDVA were unchanged 73.5%, gained 26.5% & lost 0%. The efficacy of astigmatism correction were 94.2% : ±0.5D J0 & 93.6% : ±0.5D J45. The attempted SE & achieved SE were showed statistically significant relation (r2=0.971). The rate of CSAM was 2.39% (24/1004 eyes). The astigmatism of 18 cases were corrected by repositioning the lens. 6 cases were exchanged as 2ndary intervention after repositioning (4 cases with high vault lens & 2 cases with lens ordered at rotational axis).


The EVO Visian TICL (V4c Toric ICL) showed good results on the safety, efficacy, predictability & rotational stability. There were clinically significant axis mis-alignment on minimal cases (2.39%) which required repositioning.

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