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Comparison of anterior segment parameters and pupil measurements with Aladdin optical biometer and Sirius corneal topographer

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Session Title: Presented Poster Session: Glaucoma and Imaging

Venue: Poster Village: Pod 3

First Author: : B.Bostanci TURKEY

Co Author(s): :    A. Karatepe Hashas   E. Tasindi           

Abstract Details


To compare and analyze the agreement between the anterior segment parameters and pupillometric measurements obtained by Aladdin, an optical biometer, which is based on optical low-coherence interferometry, and Sirius corneal topographer, which is using combined Scheimpflug camera-Placido disc system.


Okan University Faculty of Medicine, Department of Ophthalmology, İstanbul, Turkey


Eighty eyes of forty patients were included. Mean outcome measures were anterior chamber depth (ACD), white-to-white distance (WTW), keratometric readings (K1 (Flat K) and K2 (steep K)), and pupillometric measurements under photopic and mesopic luminance obtained by Aladdin optical biometer and Sirius corneal topographer. Subjects with a history of ocular surgery or disease, using ophthalmic medication or contact lenses and refractive errors greater than 3 D were excluded from the study.


Mean ACD and WTW were measured as 3,64±0,24mm and 12,14±0,23mm by Aladdin; and 3,74±0,24mm and 12,46±0,29mm,by Sirius, respectively. Difference in ACD and WTW were statistically significant between two devices (p=0,026, p=0,001). Mean K1 and K2 were 42,51±0,91 D and 43,97±0,85D with Aladdin whereas they were 42,48±0,84D and 44,18±0,96D with Sirius, respectively. The difference was statistically non significant (p=0,773, p=0,309). Mean photopic and mesopic pupil diameters were 3.22±0,35mm and 4,95±0,45mm with Aladdin while they were 3,64±0,49mm and 4,45±0,62mm with Sirius, which was different between two devices (p<0,01,p<0,01).


Keratometric measurements obtained by Aladdin optical biometer seemed to be in agreement statistically with Sirius topographer. However, poor agreement was observed for mean ACD, WTW and pupillometric measurements. Studies with larger sample sizes should be warranted to see whether the magnitude of these differences is clinically important or whether two devices might be used interchangeably for evaluating these parameters.

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