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Changes of anterior chamber biometry and relationship to intraocular pressure changes after phacoemulsification surgery in non-glaucomatous eyes

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Session Title: Presented Poster Session: Glaucoma

Venue: Poster Village: Pod 2

First Author: : A.Issa IRAQ

Co Author(s): :    S. Salah              

Abstract Details


to find the relationship between intraocular pressure changes (IOP) and anterior chamber biometry changes using Scheimpflug Pentacam imaging before and after uneventful phacoemulsification in eyes without evidence of glaucoma.


Ibn Al-Haitham Teaching Eye Hospital, Baghdad, Iraq


A prospective study done between July 2015 and July 2016 enrolling patients who had uneventful phacoemulsification surgery and intraocular lens implantation. Ocular examination including applanation IOP measurement, anterior chamber depth (ACD), anterior chamber volume (ACV) and iridocorneal angle (ICA) measurements using Pentacam imaging was done before and 2 months after surgery. Patients with glaucoma, uveitis, previous eye trauma, pseudoexfoliation syndrome or with postoperative complications (e.g., persistent corneal oedema) were excluded. The paired t-test was used to compare preoperative and postoperative measurements. Pearson’s correlation test was used to evaluate the relationships between study variables.


42 eyes (42 patients) included.There were statistically significant changes of IOP, ACD, ACV, ICA in all quadrants postoperatively (p< 0.05). The mean IOP preoperatively was 18.5±2.9 mmHg reducing two months postoperatively to 14.02±2.85mmHg. Preoperative ACD was 2.71±0.37mm that increased postoperatively to 3.45±0.74mm. Preoperative ICA was 33.4±5.22° that increased to 43.55±4.21°. Preoperative ACV was 145.57±39.2mm3 that increased to 178.8±35.9mm3. Reduction of IOP was not linearly correlated with the changes in ACD, ACV and ICA (p > 0.05). There was a significant correlation of ACD changes and ACV changes. There was no significant correlation of ICA changes and ACD or ACV changes.


There was a significant reduction of IOP, widening of ICA, increasing depth of anterior chamber after phacoemulsification but with no linear relationship between IOP and other biometric variables.

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