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Method for dislocated single-piece IOL fixation

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Session Title: Presented Poster Session: Cataract Complications Management

Venue: Poster Village: Pod 1

First Author: : O.Fechin RUSSIA

Co Author(s): :                  

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In case of post-op IOL dislocation haptics suture fixation to the iris or in the ciliary sulcus as well as tunnel fixation is used which is convenient with three-piece IOLs. In case of single-piece IOLs fixation in the ciliary sulcus or to the sclera is difficult. Suturing IOLs with wide haptics base to the iris requires wide stitches – 2.0 to 3.0 mm. During pupil excursions one of the haptics rotates out from the suture and IOL dislocation occurs. Our purpose was to develop a fixation method for dislocated single-piece IOLs to provide central IOL position without later dislocation.


IRTC Eye Microsurgery Ekaterinburg Center


We suggest a method of single-piece IOL suture fixation to the iris which excludes later dislocation. A needle is passed through a paracentesis, then pierces IOL’s haptic at its border with the optic part, pierces the iris and goes out through the cornea. The IOL is fixed with collet forceps. The suture is tightened through the paracentesis. The other haptic is fixed in the same way. Prolene 10/0 or 9/0 is used. We have operated 14 eyes of 14 patients, aged from 58 to 87 years (mean, 76.4). Mean BCVA was 0.24.


In 6 cases anterior vitrectomy was performed, in 2 cases elevated IOP required trabeculotomy. Fibrotic capsular bag was removed in 12 cases. In post-op period (12 to 24 months) mean BCVA was 0.78. In all cases stable central IOL position was achieved.


The suggested method is actual for fixation of single-piece IOls in case of dislocation caused by capsular bag fibrosis and zonulolyzis in post-op period. It can also be used in case of zonulolyzis and capsular bag loss during phacoemulsification excluding risk of late postoperative IOL dislocation, as well as for correction of recurrent dislocations.

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