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Workflow recommendations for the iDesign Refractive Studio, a new high resolution wavefront sensor aberrometer, with user selectable measurement features

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Session Title: Moderated Poster Session: What is New and Hot by Great Speakers

Venue: Poster Village: Pod 1

First Author: : J.Stevens UK

Co Author(s): :    D. Hardten   K. Hileman           

Abstract Details


The purpose of this study is to evaluate the new user-selectable measurement features including single click capture, a natural scene target and target luminance level selection in iDesign Refractive Studio (RS) which is a high resolution wavefront aberrometer and make recommendations to improve workflow.


Minnesota Eye Consultants, Minnetonka, Minnesota, USA


A prospective, randomised, measurement-only clinical investigation in 55 subjects (55 eyes) with various refractive errors. Subjects were first measured using the current iDesign Advanced WaveScan System (AWS) default features (Group 0: double-click capture, spoke fixation target and default luminance level) followed by manifest refraction and measurement under 4 different test conditions (Group 1-4). Test Groups 1-4 used new user selectable measurement features, including single click capture, in the iDesign RS defined as follows: Group 1: spoke target, low luminance, Group 2: spoke target, high luminance, Group 3: natural scene target, low luminance, Group 4: natural scene target, high luminance.


The proportion of eyes in which measurements were acquired to allow the software to select an exam for treatment (in 3-5 exams) for the control group and Groups 1-4 was 90.7%, 90.9%, 92.6%, 94.6% and 90.9% respectively. Evaluating the combined performance resulted in the largest improvements with Groups 1 and 3, and Groups 1 and 4 of 96.4% and 94.6% respectively. Adjusting the combined groups for exams in which iDesign RS and manifest refractions were within the predetermined tolerance range for agreement resulted in the largest improvement for Groups 1 and 4 of 94.2%.


Inclusion of alternate light levels and targets in the new iDesign Refractive Studio increased the success rate of clustered exams eligible for treatment.

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