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Live Surgery

Saturday 19 February
14.00 – 16.45 
Venue: Hall 1 Convention Centre

Live telecast from Cerrahpaşa Medical Faculty Eye Clinic 
HD Cataract and Refractive Live Surgery

Organized by the Turkish Ophthalmological Society, Cataract and Refractive Society Division

Operating Theatre Moderators:
O. Ş. Arslan TURKEY, N. GözümTURKEY 

Conference Room Chairpersons:
K. Vannas FINLAND, E. Taşindi TURKEY

Conference Room Panelists:
I. Can TURKEY , J. Guell SPAIN , P. Rosen UK, B. Şener TURKEY

All surgeries will be carried out with Zeiss Lumera i, and the transmission will be with 3 chip Zeiss Trio 610 High DefinitionCamera System



Keraflex- KXL Accelerated Cross Linking (Refractive Surgery)
Surgeon: Ö. Yilmaz TURKEY


Microcoaxial cataract surgery using the Infiniti © with OZiL© IP and implantation of AcrySof IQ ReSTOR Multifocal Toric IOL (Cataract)
Surgeon: B. Aslan TURKEY

AcrySof CACHET Phakic IOL (Phakic Lens)
Surgeon: B. Toygar TURKEY

VSY Biotechnology

Microcoaxial cataract surgery using the Optikon Pulsar 2 ESP and implantation of AcrivaUD Reviol MF613 (Cataract)
Surgeon: M.N. Cinhüseyinoğlu TURKEY

Zaraccom Lenses

Microcoaxial cataract surgery using the Infiniti © with OZiL©  IP and implantation of Zaraccom ReVision
Multifocal  IOL (Cataract)
Surgeon: Y. Usta TURKEY

Carl Zeiss Meditec- Optronik LTD

Microcoaxial cataract surgery using the Infiniti © with OZiL©  IP and implantation of Zeiss Multifocal IOL (Cataract)
Surgeon: M. Söyler TURKEY

Near Live Surgery

Wavefront LASIK – Myopia
Surgeon: A. Gücükoğlu TURKEY

Wavefront LASIK – Hypermetropia
Surgeon: A. Özdamar TURKEY

Surgeon: S. Göker TURKEY

AcuFocus Corneal Inlay
Surgeon: Ö. Yılmaz TURKEY


16.45 - End of session

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