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VSY Biotechnology

Website address:

Company contacts: Strawinskylaan 1265 1077 XX Amsterdam Netherlands
T +31 (0)20 782 00 01

Monofocal - Acriva
Multifocal - Reviol
Toric - Acriva Toric
Multifocal Toric - Acriva Reviol Toric
Trifocal + EDOF - Acriva Reviol Tri-ED

OVDs - Protectalon

BSS - Acrisol

Cartridge&Injection System - AcriJET Blue

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VRmagic GmbH

Website address:

Company contacts: VRmagic GmbH
Turley-Str. 20
68167 Mannheim

VRmagic provides virtual reality and augmented reality simulators for ophthalmic medical training. The product portfolio includes Eyesi Surgical teaching intraocular surgery, Eyesi Indirect teaching indirect binocular ophthalmoscopy, and Eyesi Direct teaching fundoscopy. All simulators provide a life-like learning environment, embedded curriculum, and objective skills evaluation.

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VOptica S.L.

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Company contacts: Voptica S.L.
Campus Espinardo, Ed. CEEIM
30100 Murcia, Spain

AOneye is the world's first compact adaptive optics based visual simulator which allows the patient to experience personalized optical solutions before implementation.
A high resolution wavefront sensor provides an initial characterization of the eye's optics. Subjective refinement is possible using a variety of vision tests projected on full color display.
Proprietary AO technology gives full control over the ocular wavefront and can mimic even the most complex optical designs. Standard optical solutions for vision can be evaluated and personalized solutions can be explored.

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VisionCare Ophthalmic Technologies, Inc.

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VisionCare has developed the first FDA-approved telescope prosthesis demonstrated to improve vision and quality of life in individuals with End-Stage AMD. The telescope implant technology is based on wide-angle micro-optics that, in combination with the optics of the cornea, create a telephoto system that magnifies objects in view. The prosthesis is integral to the CentraSight® treatment program which has been created to help patients follow the necessary steps for proper diagnosis, surgical evaluation, and postoperative care. Our goal is helping patients reconnect to the things in life they love to see and do. Please visit our booth for more information.

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Vision Share

Website address:

Company contacts:,
+1 816 255 343

Vision Share is the premier organization for providing donor corneas for transplant, research, and medical education.

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Visiometrics, S.L.

Website address:

Company contacts: Mr. Oriol Ballester
Tel. 34 697391538

Based on the double-pass technique, OQAS HD Analyzer™ measures: O.S.I. (Objective Scatter Index), Optical Quality: Real PSF and MTF Accommodation.

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View-M Technology Co., Ltd.

Website address:

Company contacts: Email:
TEL: +82 70 7730 2352

VIsual Chart Systems
Auto Ref Keratometer
Digital refractor
Brand New Self Vision Screener

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VectorVision, Inc.

Website address:

Company contacts: VectorVision Inc.
Dr. David Evans 937-548-7970

Learn about the CSV-1000 instrument for auto-calibrated glare and contrast sensitivity testing; the world-wide benchmark for documenting quality of vision in cataract patients, assessing new refractive technologies and standardized testing in clinical trials. Also, learn about cutting edge Internet marketing strategies from Dr. David Evans of Ceatus Media Group, the leader in practice building for premier eye care practices worldwide

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Valon Lasers Oy

Website address:

Company contacts: Valon Lasers Oy
Merimiehenkuja 5
1670 Vantaa
contact email:

Valon Lasers Oy is a company specialized in developing and marketing advanced photocoagulators for mainly treating diabetic retinopathy, but also applicable in some other retinal treatments. Products: Valon TT Multispot Laser - Technologically advanced and user friendly pattern laser with extensive safety features Valon 5G Multispot Laser - New generation pattern laser which is compact in size and easy to move still maintaining all Valon's unique technical features