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We are an ISO:9001-2008 Certified company having CE Certification on our products and are engaged in the manufacturing of Ophthalmic Cannulae & Instruments (S.S & Titanium), Blades etc. Our products range includes:

 Reusable & Single use Cannulae
 Hand crafted/precisely made Surgical Instruments both in SS & Titanium
 Single use Blades & Keratomes
 Vitreoretinal Instruments
 Marker for TORIC, A.K, R.K
 DESK & DALIK Instruments
 Sterilization Trays S.S & Polycarbonate
 Artificial Eyes, Spherical Implants & Conformer
B-70, M.I.A. 2nd Phase, Basni,
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Prescott's, Inc.

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New and refurbished surgical microscopes.

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Company contacts: Theresa Matson

Presbia is an ophthalmic device company that has developed and is currently marketing the presbyopia-correcting Presbia Flexivue Microlens™, a miniature lens that is implanted in a corneal pocket created by a femtosecond laser. The Presbia Flexivue Microlens™ has received a CE mark for the European Economic Area, allowing the lens to be marketed in over 30 countries across Europe. A staged pivotal U.S. clinical trial for the Presbia Flexivue Microlens™ commenced in 2014.

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Plusoptix GmbH

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Company contacts: Plusoptix GmbH
Neumeyerstrasse 48
90482 Nürnberg
T.: 0049 911 59 83 99 10
F.: 0049 911 59 83 99 90

Plusoptix develops and manufactures hand-autorefractometers, which measure both eyes simultaneously (binocular) from one meter distance, within seconds. The plusoptiX-devices are ideal to detect visual disorders in infants starting at the age of 6 months.

plusoptiX A09 - Pediatric Autorefractometer
plusoptiX A12C - Mobile Pediatric Autorefractometer
plusoptiX A12R - Mobile Pediatric Autorefractometer

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Company contacts: PhysIOL SA
4, Allée des Noisetiers
4031 Liège (Belgium)
t: +32 4 368 05 49

- MicroPure 123® : the new preloaded hydrophobic acrylic glistening-free IOL
- FineVision® : the first trifocal diffractive IOL
- FineVision Toric® : a trifocal diffractive toric IOL
- PodEye®: a hydrophobic acrylic glistening-free IOL
- Ankoris® : a hydrophilic acrylic toric IOL with optimal rotational stability
- Micro+ A 123® and Micro+ AY 123® : preloaded hydrophilic acrylic IOLs for micro-incision

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pfm medical ag

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Company contacts: pfm medical ag
Wankelstrasse 60
50996 KÖLN
T +49 (2236) 9641 220

Feather micro surgical instruments, Micro scalpels for Ophthalmology, made from aluminium and plastic or safety handle. Feather disposable scalpels and blades for general surgery. Special instruments for fine incision. Cannula, Biopsy punches, curettes, disposable biopsiblade and Razors.

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Peschke Trade

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Company contacts: Peschke Trade
Yvette Viscuso
Boesch 73
6331 Huenenberg/Switzerland
Tel: +4141 784 9460

Our focus lies on corneal cross-linking, the non-invasive correction of ecstatic corneal disorders and the new method for the treatment of infectious keratitis, bullous keratopathy and Fuch's dystrophy.

Product Listing:
CCL-Vario Cross-linking System
Peschke CXL System
Phoenix System
Riboflavin Solutions (M, D, H, L and TE)

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Paragon BioTeck, Inc.

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Company contacts: Contact Paragon BioTeck, Inc., by calling (888) 424-1192 or email us at

Paragon BioTeck, Inc., is a privately-held pharmaceutical and medical device company specializing in the development and commercialization of ophthalmic pharmaceuticals, devices and therapies. Paragon's portfolio of products is designed to protect and preserve eyesight and deliver comfort to the eyes.