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M.E.D. Medical Products GmbH

Website address:

Company contacts: MED Medical Products GmbH
Am Sportplatz 9
63791 Karlstein
Tel. 06188 / 9595-420
Fax 06188 / 9595-981

MED Medical Products GmbH is a manufactor of surgery sets and patient drape systems especially for ophthalmology as well as for all areas of surgery. Our customized surgery sets are being sold worldwide for convenient and cost-saving application.
MED Medical Products GmbH stands for 100% quality "Made in Germany"!

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Madhu Instruments Pvt. Ltd.

Website address:

Company contacts: Madhu Instruments Pvt Ltd
F-90/3d, Okhla Industrial Area Phase 1
New Delhi - 110020

Ph: +91 1142701030, 42701031
Amit Gupta (Meeting contact) - 9810333853
email :

Diagnostic Lenses
Yag Laser Lenses
Diagnostic Strips
Disposable Trephines
Suction Trephines
Punch & Teflon Blocks
Artificial Anterior Chamber
Vitrectomy Lenses
Irrigating Lenses
Backflush Handles
Silicon Tip Cannula
Infusion Cannula
Intraocular magnet
Silicon Bands
Temporary keratoprosthesis
Iris Retractors
Capsule Hooks
Tension Rings
Tension Ring Injectors
Phaco Blades
Lens Glide
A.C. Maintainer
Eye Shield
PVA Spears
Cellulose Spears
Lacrimal Intubation sets
Ophthalmic Cannula
Phaco Practice Eyes
Laser Practice Eyes
Indirect Model Eye for Retinoscopy & Ophthalmoscopy
Eye ball Stand for wet labs
CAM Stimulator

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Malosa Medical

Website address:

Company contacts: Malosa Medical
Ashday Works Business Park
Elland Rd
0870 3000 555

Malosa Medical is a wholly British owned manufacturer and distributor of high quality Single-Use surgical instruments and procedure packs. State of the art manufacturing facilities and automated systems provide capability to produce low volume solutions with "Just in Time" deliveries. Malosa specialises in producing new/revised instruments to your own design and will assemble them into procedure packs with consumable items, to provide complete bespoke solutions. All Malosa products are cleaned, packed and sterilised in the UK. Malosa produces instruments ethically and is regulated by ISO13485 and ISO9001.

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Website address:

Company contacts: MANI, INC.
8-3 Kiyohara Industrial Park, Utsunomiya Tochigi 321-3231 JAPAN
TEL: +81.28.667.7565
FAX: +81.28.667.6177


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Website address: WWW.MD-TECH.IT

Company contacts:

Company information not available

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MDT Sp. z o.o.

Website address:

Company contacts: MDT Sp.z o.o., ul.Skosna 12A, 30-383 Krakow, Poland.
tel./fax 0048 12 2966568

Manufacturer of surgical chairs, operator's chairs, refraction units, electric tables, stools, strabismus diagnostic and training devices, European Master distributor of diagnostic strips: BioGlo fluorescein strips, TearFlo Schirmer tests, LissamineGreen, Rose Bengal strips, GonioVisc 2.5%, EyeGenie - diagnostic eye-lid retractors, EyeGiene - warming masks

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Meccanottica Mazza S.r.l.

Website address:

Company contacts: MECCANOTTICA MAZZA S.r.l.
Via Tiziano, 9
20841 Carate Brianza (MB) - ITALY
T. +39 0362 902185
F. +39 0362 903306
Mr. Romeo Cremascoli (managing director)
Mrs. Magro Simona (sales manager)

Meccanottica Mazza refraction units - MADE IN ITALY
We will be showing the NEW model "xTRE".
This is a 3 instruments unit with manual rotation table suitable for wheel chair access too !
Please stop by for a product demonstration during the show.
See you in Barcelona !

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Med-Logics, Inc.

Website address:

Company contacts: Rod Ross, CEO
1627 Enterprise Street
Athens, TX USA

MED-LOGICS will exhibit the ML7 Microkeratome, CLB LASIK Blades, three DSAEK Systems, CleanTouch PVA Eye Spears and the CataPulse Lens Removal System. The Catapulse is the first real "Phaco-Free" technology and addresses the disadvantages of phaco. The CataPulse is a portable system and features a disposable preassembled handpiece.

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MEDA Co., Ltd.

Website address:

Company contacts:

Company information not available

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Website address:

Company contacts: medeuronet UK Ltd
16th Floor, Portland House
Bressenden Place
London SW1E 5RS, UK
Tel: +44 (0) 207 869 8033

One company, with three areas of expertise, each with dedicated leadership & resources – delivering a continuum of solutions.
Medetech Business Intelligence
Medtech Consulting Services
EU Commercialization & Distribution.

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Website address:

Company contacts: CEO : Jean Paul CAUMON,
Technical Manager : Karl ZIMMERMANN,
Marketing and regulatory affairs : Sabine MINASSIAN-ELEOUET,

MEDICARE- HTM SAS, is specialized in Ophthalmology and Dermatology.
We sell
-implantable medical devices (intraocular lenses, capsular tension ring, viscoelastics…),
-diagnostic devices (topographer, aberrometer, pupillometer…),
-lasers (excimer, YAG, yellow, ...)

We developed the multisite concept and rent technologies (excimer laser, femtosecond laser, aesthetic devices...). We offer to surgeons, technologies the most controlled, assistance of highly qualified professionals, and experience of users group.

Medicare-HTM is also specialized in Laser Centers design for comfort surgery. These centers use high laser technologies and manage the learning curve of the specialists.

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Medicel AG

Website address:

Company contacts: Mireille Weder, Marketing & Sales
Ph: 0041 (0)71 727 10 50
Fax: 0041 (0)71 727 10 55


For incisions of 2.8 to 1.5 mm enable safe and efficient injection of any acrylic 1- and 3-piece IOL. Newly available is also a screw-type single-use Injector ACCUJECT SCREW!

PHACO – ACCESSORIES for safe and efficient MICS and COMICS techniques, fully compatible with any equipment including high-quality disposable and reusable titanium PHACO-TIPS 19 – 23G with infusion-sleeves.

Disposable, semi-disposable and reusable I/A INSTRUMENTS for coaxial and bimanual techniques.

23G and 25G TROCAR SYSTEM one step.

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MEDICEM International CR s.r.o.

Website address:

Company contacts: MEDICEM International CR, s.r.o.
Na Strzi 1702/65, 14062 Prague 4
Czech Republic

Bioanalogic intraocular lens: the new step in evolution of IOLs for patients with cataract and presbyopia.WIOL-CF® achieves its results through a unique design and material developed to resemble properties of the natural crystalline lens. WIOL-CF® represents a leading technology for the treatment of cataract and presbyopia for patients, who demand more than visual acuities on predefined distances. WIOL-CF® imitates natural crystalline lens by size, material, shape and function. WIOL-CF® does not need haptics to be fixed in the eye. It adheres to posterior capsule. Thus it can have large optics improving quality of vision to new level.

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Medicontur International SA

Website address:

Company contacts:

Bi-Flex Preloaded Hydrophilic
Bi-Flex Preloaded Hydrophobic
Bi-Flex Multifocal
Bi-Flex Toric
Bi-Flex Multifocal Toric
Capsular Tension Ring
Macula Lens

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Medimaging Integrated Solution, Inc. (MiiS)

Website address:

Company contacts:

Portable Eye-Fundus Camera(DEC200), Retina diagnosis equipment(DEC100), Video Ophthalmoscope(EEC100), Glaucoma, Diabetes retina disease eye-screening project, Macular pigment optical density measurement(MPOD), telemedicine diagnostic devices, otoscope, dermatoscope, anterior lens, portable slit-lamp

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Website address:

Company contacts:

Company information not available

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Website address:

Company contacts:

We Shanghai MediWorks are the professional manufacturer of Slit Lamps, Vision Chart, Applanation Tonometer, Retina Lens, Surgical Microscope, with ISO13485, CE, FDA approval.

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Meridian AG

Website address:

Company contacts:

MERIDIAN, established 1937, successors to LASAG medical lasers developers of the first commercially successful Nd:YAG ophthalmic laser invites you this year to visit their booth to see their new Nd:YAG laser MICRORUPTOR 6. This new photodisruptor is very compact and can be combined with most slit lamps regardless of Zeiss or Haag-Streit type. The well-established MERILAS 532? green photocoagulator and MERILAS 577? yellow laser may be used with, and easily changed between, your slit lamp, operating microscope or laser indirect ophthalmoscope and mounted onto the MICRORUPTOR 6 allowing for all non-refractive applications to be performed through one slit lamp.

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Website address:

Company contacts: Jacques CHARLIER
+33 3 20 17 19 56

Sebastien COLELLA
Export manager
+33 6 12 81 67 26


MONCVONE – Full field static and kinetic perimeter
MONPACKONE – Multifunction stimulator
MONCV3 – Multifunction visual perimetry system
MONBABY – Stand-alone system for recording flash ERGs and VEPs
MONBABYBOX – Control unit for MonBaby

Flash, pattern and multifocal ERGs.
Flash, pattern, multifocal, sweep and stereo VEPs.
Sensory EOG.

Kinetic and static perimetry. Goldmann perimetry
Macular pigment density, metamorphopsia.
Contrast sensitivity, glare, dark adaptation.

Pupillometry (static and dynamic).

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MiBo Medical Group

Website address:

Company contacts:

The MiBoFlo Thermoflo is a therapeutic device for the treatment of dry eye. It employs a proprietary thermoelectric heat pump designed to liquefy inspissated secretions and improve meibomian glandular function. MiBo ameliorates the evaporative component of dry eye. The MiBo delivers an effective temperature of 108 degrees within a variance of less than 3%. The unit has an adjustable timer allowing for physician-controlled customization of therapy.

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Micro Medical Devices, Inc. (MMD)

Website address:

Company contacts: Micro Medical Devices, Inc.
Ramin (Ray) Hooriani
23945 Calabasas Rd, Calabasas,
CA 91302, U.S.A
Tel 818-222-3310

Micro Medical Devices, Inc. (MMD) is the leading manufacturer of hand-held, battery operated, state-of-art ophthalmic medical devices. Our A-Scan Biometers, Pachymeters, B-Scans, Keratometers, and Tonometers create solutions that are powerful, portable and economical which deliver precise measurements within practices large and small. Our mission is to deliver tools that allow eye care professionals to promote optimal health and well-being for their patients. We invite you to experience the power and efficiency of our portable solutions

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Middle East Africa Council of Ophthalmology

Website address:

Company contacts:

Company information not available

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Millennium Biomedical Inc. ( MBI )

Website address:

Company contacts:

Hydrophobic Intraocular lens
Mono focal
Toric IOL
Multi focal

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Miracles In Sight

Website address:

Company contacts: Dee Hatcher, CEBT
Manager of Surgeon Development

Miracles In Sight provides corneal tissue in an efficient and timely manner to our surgeons and researchers. No matter where you are, we can get our tissues to you in a timely manner, thanks to partnerships with leading international shipping agencies. We can provide tissues for: PKP, DSEK (thin and ultra-thin), DMEK, ALK and Sclera grafts.

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Miray Medikal Atakan Dede ve Ort.

Website address:

Company contacts:

Our company lists include opthalmic solutions.

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Website address:

Company contacts:

Capsular Tension Rings, Cionni Rings For Scleral Fixation, Capsular Segments For Scleral Fixation, Capsular Edge Rings, Hydrophobic IOLs, Hydrophilic IOLs, PMMA IOLs, IOLs For Scleral Fixation, Microphthalmus IOLs, Myopia IOLs, Bag-In-The-Lens, Anterior Chamber IOLs, Phakic IOLs, Aniridia Rings, Partial Aniridia Rings, Aniridia Implants, Partial Aniridia Implants, Diplopia Implants, Pupil Dilator, Caliper Rings

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Website address:

Company contacts:

Moria: A New Era begins…

A new chapter in the history of Moria is beginning. Building on years of solid experience and know-how, Moria is expanding its activities to retinal surgery and in the cataract market. The company is providing a complete new range of monofocal IOLs as well as a toric lens. New viscoelastic solutions complete its cataract portfolio. Moria is further reinforcing its leadership in instrumentation by adding new disposable and reusable hand-held instrumentation. Pursuing its efforts in quality, Moria still reinforces its leadership in corneal transplantation with improved, accurate and reliable systems that have made its reputation.

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Moss Vision, Inc. Ltd.

Website address:

Company contacts:

Company information not available

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MoVu, Inc.

Website address:

Company contacts: 2350 Mission College Blvd., Suite 1070, Santa Clara, CA 95054

Argos advanced biometer uses advanced swept source optical coherence technology to enable physicians to improve the speed and accuracy in cataract diagnosis. Argos delivers superior measurement success rates, speed and accuracy to the IOL selection process, outperforming competitors with the highest success rate and accuracy, even among the densest of cataracts. With advanced OCT technology, clinicians can for the first time acquire non-invasive, non-contact whole-eye 2D imaging.

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MST - MicroSurgical Technology

Website address:

Company contacts: MST (MicroSurgical Technology)
8415 154th Ave NE
Redmond, WA 98052
Phone: 425.556.0544

MST Manufactures and provides innovative products for anterior segment surgery, including the following popular products: High quality single use Packer/Chang IOL cutters and 25g Ahmed Micro-Graspers, Dewey Radius Phaco Tips, Seibel Capsulorhexis Forceps, Malyugin Ring®, MST Iris Hooks, MST Capsule Retractors.