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Higher order aberration profiles in normal refractive surgery candidates: comparison between south Asian and Arab eyes

Poster Details

First Author: D.Srivastava UNITED ARAB EMIRATES

Co Author(s):    G. Prakash   S. Choudhuri   R. Bacero              

Abstract Details


to compare the ocular monochromatic higher order aberration (HOA) profile in normal refractive surgery candidates of Arab origin and South Asian origin.


Dept of Cornea and Refractive Surgery, NMC Eye care, NMC Specialty Hospital , Abu Dhabi, UAE


This cross-sectional, observational study was performed at the cornea services of a specialty hospital. Normal refractive surgery candidates having no ocular morbidity except refractive error were recruited. After detailed pre-refractive surgery evaluation, 200 consecutive candidates of Arab origin (group 1) and 200 of south-asian origin (group 2) (total 400 candidates) underwent wavefront aberrometry on iDesign aberrometer (AMO, CA). The wavefront data of right eyes was analyzed for HOA signed ,absolute & polar Zernike coefficients.


The mean Higher order root-mean-square(HOARMS) was 0.36±17µ and 0.38±18µ for Arab and south-Asian eyes respectively (p<0.05, Rank sum test(RST)). Of the 22 higher-order signed Zernike modes,only Z3-3, Z3-1, Z31, Z4-4, Z4-2, Z40, Z44, and Z5-5 were significantly different from zero (one sample t-test, p=0.002,Bonferroni correction=0.05/22 ). All the signed and absolute Zernike terms were comparable between the two groups (RST, p>0.002 (0.05/22)). The polar coefficients of coma, trefoil, spherical aberration and tetrafoil were comparable between groups (p>0.05, RST). Combined RMS values of third, fourth, fifth and sixth order also were comparable between groups(p>0.05, RST).


Higher order aberration profile seems to be similar in normal, unoperated eyes of Arab and south-Asian origin.

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