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Evaluation of central corneal thickness using a Scheimpflug-camera topographer and ultrasound pachymetry in eyes after corneal refractive surgery

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First Author: J.Sanchez Pina SPAIN

Co Author(s):    A. Rodero Serrano   I. Rodriguez   J. Abad Montes   M. Teus           

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To compare the central corneal thickness (CCT) in eyes after corneal refractive surgery (Femtosecond laser in situ keratomileusis (FemtoLASIK) and Photorefractive Keratomileusis (PRK)) measured with a rotating Scheimpflug camera topographer (WaveLight® Oculyzer™) and ultrasound (US) pachymetry.


Clinica Novovision, Madrid


This is a cross-sectional study. The central corneal thickness (CCT) was measured in 68 eyes of 68 consecutive patients 3 months after refractive surgery (33 eyes with FemtoLASIK and 35 eyes with PRK) and in a control group of 110 consecutive non-operated healthy eyes, with a rotating Scheimpflug camera topographer and US pachymeter (DGH 5100). All examinations were performed by the same examiner.


The average CCT values obtained by WaveLight® Oculyzer™ were 542.4 ± 32.8 μm in the control group, 479.9 ± 33.9 μm in the FemtoLASIK group and 448.8 ± 39.6.8 μm in the PRK group, while US-CCT values were 541.3 ± 33.2 μm, 477.8 ± 37.8 μm and 445.3 ± 38.1 μm respectively. The Paired Student's t-test detected a statistically significant difference between both devices (p =0.01) in the PRK group.


The Rotating Scheimpflug camera topographer obtained similar CCT measurements in virgin eyes, post-FemtoLASIK eyes and postPRK eyes to the measurements obtained using US pachymeter, so we can suggest that the 2 devices are interchangeable.There was a statiscally significant difference in the PRK group, but this was not clinically relevant. The Rotating Scheimpflug camera topographer seems to be an excellent device to measure CCT compared with to the gold-standard US pachymetry.

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