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Enhancement of refractive outcomes with customised toric IOLs

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First Author: A.Furniturewala INDIA

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Think about this, Does your surgeon leave behind a cylindrical element uncorrected while prescribing glasses to a patient.So we decided to offer the procedure to all Astigmatic patient undergoing cataract surgery.To look out for solution to overcome restraining factors in regular toric IOL like, -Fear of Axial rotation -Fear of residual Astigmatism -Uncertainty of refractive outcome


50 eyes having corneal astigmatism of -1.00D or more were chosen for the procedure having no other corneal pathology or past history of lasik surgery at Orbit Eye Hospital,Mumbai, India


Topography of all 50 eyes was done to clearly demonstrate the corneal/lenticular astigmatism. The optical biometry for all patients was done using zeiss IOL mater.Patients were operated on Infinity using 2.2mm main incision tempotal side,with Ozil technology under Topical Anaesthesia.The cornea was marked on 0/ 90/ 180 degree.First time in the world a customised Toric IOL where the lens placed on 0-180 degree with toricity along the desired axis incorporated in IOL. IOL has a plate heptic which negates any axial rotation in addition a surgeon does not have to rotate the IOL and just leave it along 0-180 meridian.


The study included 50 eyes.The mean refractive cylinder decreased significantly after surgery. Astigmatism analysis showed a mean surgically induced astigmatism of -0.35D at seep axis.The mean index of success was Ninety-one percent of astigmatism was corrected. The rotation was 5 degrees or less in all eyes. No complications occurred.


The Ultima TORIC IOL showed good stability. Phacoemulsification and posterior chamber TORIC IOL implantation is an safe and effective option to correct preexisting astigmatism in cataract patients. -All patient achieved 20/20 vision post operative unaided -Giving spectacle independence for vision & better Quality of lifestyle

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