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Functional results of trifocal pseudophakic IOL implantation

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First Author: E.Malyutina RUSSIA

Co Author(s):    B. Malyugin   T. Morozova                 

Abstract Details


To assess functional outcomes of trifocal AT LISA TRI 839MP implantation


S.Fyodorov Eye Microsurgery Complex Federal Institution, Moscow, Russia.


16 patients (22 eyes) 10-men, 6-women with the mean age of 66,0±5,81 years (from 52 to 72) underwent the phacoemulsification with IOL implantation in one (10) or both (6) eyes. Patients having ocular comorbidity and corneal astigmatism exceeding 1.0 D were excluded from the study. All procedures were conducted through 2,0 mm incision. IOLs diopter range varied from +17,5 to +24,5. UCVA and BCVA were evaluated uncorrected at a distance of 4,0m, 0,66m and 0,33 m. We also assessed the mean spherical equivalent (SE) and patients subjective satisfaction with of the help of a questionnaire.


The baseline visual acuity ranged from pr. l. certae to 0,7 with correction. First day after the surgery the UCVA for distance, intermediate and near was 0,80±0,12; 0,6±0,12; 0,82±0,14 respectfully, while BCVA was 0,86±0,13; 0,75±0,11; 0,85±0,11. One week later the UCVA increased to 0,87±0,09; 0,67±0,10; 0,87±0,12 for distance, intermediate and near, while the BCVA reached 0,93±0,08; 0,72±0,1; 0,88±0,11. There were no significant changes thereafter. Postoperative mean SE was -0,28±0,47 (range from +0.25Д to -0.75Д). None of the patient used spectacles for near, intermediate and distance.


Trifocal IOL AT LISA TRI 839MP provides high visual acuity for near, intermediate and far. Postoperative period was marked by high level of subjective patient’s satisfaction (questionnaire scores).

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