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The quality of vision in patients with multifocal Tecnis MF mix and match technique

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First Author: A.Grzybowski POLAND

Co Author(s):    M. Gaca-Wysocka                    

Abstract Details


To evaluate the visual performance in pseudophakic patients with mix and match multifocal Tecnis MF.


Multifocal intraocular lenses (MIOL) were applied to minimize in many patients the problems related to presbyopia. Different models of MIOL and techniques of their implantation have been proposed in recent years. It was proposed that mix and match technique can significantly improve visual performance in pseudophakic MIOL patients. Dept. of Ophthalmology, Poznan City Hospital, Poznan, Poland


The studied group consisted of 12 patients with the mean age of 54,2, including 9 women and 3 men. The cataract surgery was conducted in both eyes, with the mean distance between surgeries of 11 weeks. All eyes were implanted mix and match AMO Tecnis MF MIOL: +2.75 D addition in the dominant eye and +3.25 D addition in the non-dominant eye. All surgeries were uncomplicated and were performed by the same surgeon. All patients were examined before and 3 months after the operation of each eye.


The pre-operative mean distance best corrected visual acuity (DBCVA) was 0.5 and mean near best corrected visual acuity (NBCVA) was J1 (Snellen 0.75/30 cm). 3 months after the surgery the mean single eye uncorrected distance of visual acuity (UDVA) was 0.8 and the mean single eye uncorrected near visual acuity (UNVA) was J1+ (Snellen 0.5/30 cm). The difference between pre-operative DBCVA and pre-operative NBCVA and post-operative UDVA and UNVA was statistically significant by T test for dependent variables (p<0.05). The post-operative bilateral UDVA was 1.0 in 50%, 0.9 in 16.7% and 0.8 in 33.3% of eyes. The post-operative bilateral UNVA was J1+ (Snellen 0.5/ 30 cm) in 100% of eyes.


Mix and match technique seems to be effective MIOL technique leading to a very good bilateral uncorrected near visual acuity and relatively good bilateral uncorrected distance of visual acuity.

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