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Bilateral implantation of a trifocal toric intraocular lens: a prospective study measuring quality of vision and refractive outcomes

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First Author: J.Ferreira Mendes PORTUGAL

Co Author(s):    J. Pires   T. Monteiro   N. Franqueira   F. Faria-Correia   F. Vaz        

Abstract Details


To assess the safety and efficacy of refractive lens exchange with bilateral implantation of the AT LISA 939MP (Carl Zeiss® Meditec, Jena, Germany) trifocal toric intraocular lens (IOL) for presbyopia correction.


Ophthalmology department, Hospital de Braga, Portugal


Prospective, non-randomized clinical trial, which included 25 patients submitted to refractive bilateral lens exchange with AT LISA trifocal toric 939MP IOL implantation. All patients had topographic astigmatism ≥ 1,00D and an angle-to-angle distance > 11,50mm. The minimum follow-up was 6 months with: monocular and binocular, corrected and uncorrected distance, intermediate (80cm) and near (40cm) visual acuities, manifest refraction, postoperative IOL rotation, binocular defocus curve and monocular contrast sensitivity at photopic and scotopic luminance levels. All procedures were performed through a 2,40mm corneal incision on the steepest corneal meridian. A preloaded capsular tension ring (Morcher®) was implanted in all cases.


Fifty eyes were implanted with this trifocal toric lenses, and were followed from 6 to 24 months. The mean preoperative axial length was 23,34±1,43mm and the mean topographic cylinder was 1,89D. Postoperatively, all eyes were within ± 1,00D of the targeted correction and the mean postoperative spherical equivalent refraction was -0,32±0,44D, with a mean residual refractive cylinder of -0,43±0,37D. There were no cases of lines lost and postoperative distance, intermediate and near uncorrected monocular visual acuities were 0.80, 0.92 and 0,79 respectively. Ninety percent were spectacle free. Twenty percent reported the presence of glare, halos or starbursts, but well tolerated. The binocular defocus curve showed a visual acuity ≥ 0,8 in all tested distances.


The AT LISA trifocal toric 939MP IOL is a safe and effective solution for presbyopia correction, offering superior distance, intermediate and near visual performances. This toric version of the trifocal IOL allows for precise astigmatism correction, making spectacle-free vision available to a broader population.

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