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Predicting subjective depth-of-field of the accommodating eye with objective methods

Poster Details

First Author: J.Zapata-Diaz UK

Co Author(s):    R. Iskander   N. Lopez-Gil   J. Alfonso   H. Radhakrishnan           

Abstract Details


To evaluate whether objective methods based on retinal image quality analysis have the capability of predicting subjective depth-of-field for different accommodative states in the view that further understanding of the depth-of-field of the human eye could improve multifocal lens design to correct presbyopia.


The University of Manchester (The Eye and Vision Sciences Research Group, UK), Wroclaw University of Technology (Biomedical Signal Processing Group, Poland) and University of Murcia (CiViUM, Spain).


Retrospective data from seven young subjects (29.7 ± 7.7 years) were used together with an objective method to estimate depth-of-field from aberrations and pupil size measurements. The metric used to calculate image quality was the augmented Visual Strehl Ratio (VSOTFa). Depth-of-field of the eye was estimated by considering image quality values above several relative thresholds (50% and 80% of the maximum image quality) at focus and with several defocus levels. Results were compared to subjective measurements of depth-of-field for the same subjects and for several accommodation levels (0 to 6 D, in 1 D steps).


No significant correlation was found between results of objective estimation of depth-of-field and subjective measurements, for the relative thresholds used so far (r^2 = 0.003 for the 50% threshold and r^2 = 0.002 for the 80% threshold).


The objective method was not able to predict subjective measurements of the depth-of-field of the eye. It is likely that neural factors influencing depth-of-field lead to this mismatch between objective and subjective estimates of depth-of-field.

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