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MINI WELL Ready, the extended depth of focus intraocular lens: a safe solution for presbyopia and postoperative astigmatism

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First Author: E.Ananstasi ITALY

Co Author(s):    M. Curatolo                    

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The aim of this study is to present a design, simulation and experimental bench testing of a novel, non diffractive, extended depth of focus (EDOF) technology incorporated into a progressive IOL as MINI WELL (SIFI MEDTECH) that allows the subject to have astigmatic and chromatic aberrations-free continuous focusing ability from near to infinity as well as increased tolerance to decentration and tilt.


Laboratory R&D SIFI MEDTECH, Aci S. Antonio, Catania, Italy


The solution presented produces continuously focused vision over the full required range covered by a regular accomodation of 3.00D. This is obtained with a patented technology applied to the optic of the IOL. This is based upon addition of defocus and spherical aberrations of opposite signs in the central optical zone. These creates a wavefront modification, extending the focus with a good distribution of energy at any point while significantly reducing astigmatic aberration generated during IOL implantation. In the experimental testing we have explored the characteristic of the obtained EDOF capability and the tolerance to astigmatic aberration, decentration and tilt.


The performance of the proposed EDOF IOL (MINI WELL Ready, SIFI MEDTECH) was tested for different pupil diameters. The MTF and through focus curves as the retinal acuity charts showed uniform performance of the lens up to 3.00 D while preserving a continuous contrast for all vision conditions. Capability of correcting astigmatism of up to 1.00d was measured. Lens optic performance resulted invariant within ±0,5 mm of decentration and ± 2,5° of tilt.


The proposed EDOF IOL technology was tested by numerical simulations and experimentally characterized on an optical bench. The obtained results indicate that the MINI WELL ready has improved performance in comparison to commonly used multifocal IOLs. The proposed lens provides a continuous focus and it is capable of solving presbyopia and astigmatism by simultaneously providing focus extension under various conditions. In this paper we have tested the performance of a new IOL as MINI WELL ready having EDOF capabilities that aims to solve lack of accommodation or presbyopia as well as astigmatism encountered by subjects ongoing cataract surgery.

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