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Comparison of clinical outcomes between NeuroTrack LASIK and wavefront-guided LASIK in treatment of high astigmatism

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First Author: S.Tamaoki JAPAN

Co Author(s):    T. Yonekawa   S. Amano   K. Inoue              

Abstract Details


Neuro Track system eliminates cyclotorsion at its source by controlling optokinesis, a neural response of the visual system to use spatial cues to stabilize retinal images. The purpose of this study was to compare refractive outcomes between Wavefront-optimized laser in situ keratomileusis (LASIK) using Neuro Track system (Neuro Track LASIK) and Wavefront-guided LASIK using iris registration (WF LASIK).


Inouye Eye Hospital Tokyo, Japan


Neuro Track LASIK group comprised 16 eyes of 13 patients and WF LASIK group comprised 17 eyes of 14 patients. All eyes had astigmatism of 2 diopter (D) or more. Neurotrack LASIK was performed using EX500 excimer laser with Neuro Track system.WF LASIK was performed using VISX S4 IR excimer laser with iris registration. Pre- and 6 months postoperatively, uncorrected (UDVA) and corrected (CDVA) distance visual acuities, residual astigmatism, and refractive outcomes were examined.


In Neuro Track LASIK group, postoperative mean UDVA and CDVA in LogMAR were -0.155±0.04 and -0.162±0.04. Mean residual astigmatism was 0.05±0.14 D. Mean safety index and efficacy index were 1.09±0.15 and 1.08±0.16. In WF LASIK group, postoperative mean UDVA and CDVA were -0.055±0.13 and -0.141±0.05. Mean residual astigmatism was 0.68±0.53 D. Mean safety index and efficacy index were 1.08±0.19 and 0.92±0.28. UDVA and residual astigmatism were significantly better in the Neuro Track LASIK group than in the WF LASIK group (P=0.0136, P<0.0001).


Refractive outcomes were excellent in both Neuro Track LASIK and WF LASIK. However, Neuro Track LASIK provided significantly better UDVA and residual astigmatism than WF LASIK.

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