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The visual and refractive outcomes and aberrometric change of aspheric wavefront-guided vs aspheric laser-assisted subepithelial keratectomy with TENEOTM 317 P for myopia correction (prospective 6.0 months study)

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First Author: S.Hashemian IRAN

Co Author(s):    M. Jafari                    

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To comparison the visual and refractive outcomes and aberrometric changes of aspheric-wave front-guided versus aspheric LASEK with TECHNOLAS TENEO 317 P excimer Laser for myopia correction.


Eye research center Rassoul Akram hospital, Iran University of medical sciences and Iranian Eye Clinic and Laser Center, Tehran, Iran


Sixty-six eyes of 34 patients with myopia treated by TENEO 317 P excimer Laser. 45 eyes treated with aspheric-wave front-guided (AWG) and 21 eyes with aspheric LASEK (Aspheric group). Uncorrected and Distant corrected visual acuity (UCVA & DCVA), aberrometric changes and complications were evaluated 1 week, 2 and 6 months post operation.


The mean spherical equalent was -3.69 ± 1.42 diopter (D) in AWG and -3.57± 1.29 D in AG that improved to .06 ± .22 and .14 ± .25 D 6 months post operation respectively. At 6 months Log Mar UCVA and CDVA in both groups was 0.000 in all of patients. The higher order aberrations (HOAs) at 6 mm pupil were .350μ in AWG and .270μ in AG that increased to .464μ and .431μ (30% versus 45%) respectively (P=0.00). Vertical coma and spherical aberration increased significantly (P=0.001). No eye lost lines of BSCVA at six months. The safety and efficacy index in both groups was 1 without any complications.


Both aspheric wave front-guided and aspheric ablation profile of TENEO 317P is safe and effective with a little change in HOAs in myopic patients treated with LASEK.

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