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Two-year results of open-angle glaucoma and cataract surgical treatment with the EX-PRESS glaucoma filtration device (Alcon) implantation in combination with phacoemulsification

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First Author: G.Parkhomenko UKRAINE

Co Author(s):    S. Medvedchuk   S. Prysyazhnaya   Y. Gnatenko   T. Petrovska   T. Belik   M. Beliy     

Abstract Details


To evaluate the clinical efficacy and safety of surgical treatment of primary open-angle glaucoma, combined with cataract with the EX-PRESS glaucoma filtration device (Alcon) implantation in combination with phacoemulsification. To determine indications for implantation of the glaucoma filtration device with diameter 50 μm and 200 μm.


“New Vision” Clinic Group, Cherkasy, Kyiv, Khmelnytsky, Ukraine.


115 patients (115 eyes) were divided into three groups. Group I included 30 patients (30 eyes), who underwent implantation of the EX-PRESS device (50 μm) and phacoemulsification. In group II, which included 30 patients (30 eyes), implantation of the EX-PRESS device (200 μm) and phacoemulsification was performed. Group III included 55 patients (55 eyes), who underwent the deep sclerectomy and phacoemulsification. The average intraocular pressure prior to surgery in patients of group I was 22.9±2.9 mm Hg, in group II IOP was 22.8±3.5 mm Hg (p І/ІІ >0,05), in group III IOP was 22.6 ± 3,4 mm Hg, (рІ/ІІІ>0,05), (рІІ/ІІІ>0,05).


Two years after surgery, the mean intraocular pressure in patients of group I was 15.4±1.7 mm Hg, in patients of group II was 16.1±2.1 mm Hg(p І/ІІ >0,05), in patients of group III - 18,8±1.9 mm Hg (pІ/ІІІ<0,05), (pІІ/ІІІ<0,05). The number of postoperative complications in groups I and II are statistically significantly lower than in group III.


The implantation of the EX-PRESS glaucoma filtration device in combination with phacoemulsification is an effective and safe method of stabilizing of the glaucomatous process. Indications for implantation of filtration device 50µm is the I-II stage unstable glaucoma with subcompensated IOP, for the implantation of filtration device 200 μm is the III–IV stage unstable glaucoma with decompensated IOP .

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