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Efficacy and safety of combined laser trabeculoplasty in treatment of primary open-angle glaucoma patients

Poster Details

First Author: G.Krishtopenko BELARUS

Co Author(s):    N. Poznyak   S. Poznyak   N. Kovshel   P. Belyakovskij   I. Kuderko   Y. Markova     

Abstract Details


According to WHO glaucoma is the significant problem in present-day ophthalmology that appears to be one of the main reasons of incurable vision loss. Over 15% of blind people in the world have lost eyesight due to glaucoma. The purpose of present work was to study the data of investigations of selective laser trabeculoplasty (SLT) – 532 nanometers and YAG-laser trabeculae activation (YAG LTA) – 1064 nanometers application in treatment of primary open angle glaucoma (POAG) I-II stages patients.


152 patients: 89 males and 63 females (241 eyes) at the age of 41 to 85 years with POAG were under medical observation. The unstable course of glaucoma diagnosed in all patients with using of local hypotensive therapy before performing a trabeculoplasty. Observation period was more than 24 months.


SLT was performed on Nd: YAG Laser Selecta Duos (Lumenis) (underwent 100 laser applications in all segments of corneascleral trabecula – 360°). Positive results weren’t reached after SLT in some cases (patients with the POAG non-pigmented forms). YAG LTA was performed in these patients on Nd: YAG Laser Selecta Duos (Lumenis) (50 applications in inferior segment of corneoscleral trabecula – 180°). Patients with absence of effect were directed to surgical treatment.


Statistically significant decrease of intraocular pressure (IOP) after SLT was noted in 197 cases (81.7%) for 4.6 mm Hg compared to initial data. YAG LTA was performed following SLT in 44 cases (18.3%). Decrease of IOP after YAG LTA was noted in 32 cases (72.7%) for 3.4 mm Hg compared to initial data.


The SLT is safe and effective method of reducing IOP in patients with POAG I-II stages. Additional YAG LTA application decreases IOP in patients with non-pigmented forms of POAG I-II stages.

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