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Evaluation of surface ablation combined with accelerated corneal cross-linking for the correction of refractive errors in myopic and astigmatic patients

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First Author: O.Jungwoo SOUTH KOREA

Co Author(s):    C. Yeonkueng   K. Nohook                 

Abstract Details


To evaluate the safety, efficacy, convenience, refractive predictability, stability of Surface ablation (SA) with accelerated corneal cross linking (A-CXL) to correct refractive errors in myopic & astigmatic patients


30 Patients who received SA with A-CXL in 1 eye and SA only in the fellow eye to correct myopia & myopic astigmatism. A-CXL was performed by KXL system with 90 sec of UVA at 30mW/cm2, energy dose of 2.7 J/cm2. Riboflavin 0.22% was used for 90 sec corneal soaking.


Uncorrected visual acuity (UDVA), corrected visual acuity (CDVA), Manifest refraction spherical equivalent (MRSE) at postoperative 2 weeks, 1 and 3 months were compared as predictability & stability factor. Endothelial cell count was determined as safety factor. Two groups were examined by Corvis ST (Scheimpflug based noncontact tonometry) as biomechanical factor and Visante-OCT to find demarcation line as efficacy factor of A-CXL . Two groups were compared in terms of Therapeutic contact lens removal day, re-wearing percentage after T-lens removal, postoperative pain score (VAS) was determined as convenience factor.


The percentage of postoperative UDVA of unchanged or gained ≥1 lines compared with preoperative CDVA was 92.5 % in SA group, 95.6 % in SA with A-CXL group at postoperative 3 months. UDVA was significant difference between two groups at postoperative 2 weeks and 1 month. UDVA in SA with A-CXL group was statistically significantly better in only SA group. The stromal demarcation line was detected in 67% on Visante-OCT. Difference of Deformation amplitude (DA) between pre & postoperative on SA group was statistically significant higher compared to data of SA with A-CXL group on Corvis ST. T-lens removal day & re-wearing percentage were significant lower in A-CXL group.


Surface ablation with accelerated CXL appears to be a safe, effective and predictable procedure in correcting refractive errors. And these procedure contribute to prevent corneal ectasia after Surface ablation. SA with A-CXL group showed rapid recovery and stability of visual outcomes, had more benefit that shorter T-lens wearing period and lower re-wearing percentage after T-lens removal compared with only SA group .

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