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DSEK in aphakia and eyes with AC IOLs

Poster Details

First Author: M.Tsatsos UK

Co Author(s):    C. MacGregor   N. Kopsachilis   P. Hossain   D. Anderson           

Abstract Details


To evaluate visual outcome and endothelial cell counts after thin manually dissected DSEK (TMDSEK) in aphakia and eyes with AC IOLs.


Southampton University Hospitals NHS Trust, UK


Interventional consecutive case series. Assessment of outcomes of TMDSEK in aphakic and eyes with AC IOLs and comparison with same number consecutive non-complex TMDSEK was performed. Specular microscopy was done at 12 months and specular endothelial counts alongside BCVA were compared between non-complex and aphakic+AC IOL group.


Both the complex and the non-complex TMDSEK groups showed a vast improvement in best corrected visual acuity. BCVA was significantly better (o.24 LogMar)in the non complex DSEK group compared to the AC IOL and pahakic DSEK group (0.43 LogMar- p<0.05). Mean pre-operative endothelial cell count was 2660 (±130) for the non complex group and 2604 (±66) for the complex group. Post-operative endothelial counts showed a significant difference between the non-complex 1896 (±130) and the complex 1293 (±223) (p<0.005) groups.


Although BCVA in aphakic eyes and eyes with AC IOLs DSEK is significantly different that in non-complex cases, there is a large improvement in in patients BCVA leading to a substantial improvement of patients quality of life without compromises in corneal architectural integrity seen in penetrating keratoplasty. Although endothelial cell counts were worse in the complex DSEK, there was no evidence of graft failure 12 months post in complex TMDSEK cases. The significant difference in endothelial counts between the two groups suggests that review and monitoring of the endothelial survival should continue for longer

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