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Myoring: to support and to improve

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First Author: K.Abdelrahman SAUDI ARABIA

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To initiate a preliminary inquiry in the stability of Myoring Implantation in desisting the evolution of Keratoconus and improving the unaided visual acuity.


Magrabi Riyadh Center, Saudi Arabia.


This study takes the account of 15 Saudi patients, 4 females and 11 males of 15-40 years of age with mean of 22 years, inclusive of 17 eyes, 9 OD and 8 OS. All were diagnosed as having Early and/or Established Keratoconus with pre-operative UDVA range of CF3M to 20/50, mean of 20/222 and BCVA range of 20/50 to 20/22, mean of 20/38. Pachymety ranges from 394µm to 579µm, mean of 476.4µm. Simulated keratomety range from steepest of 59.85D to 46.63D and to flattest of 50.4D to 41.0D, with total mean of 47.07.


All were uneventful surgeries except for one eye (OS) who had a broken ring on implantation, and replaced by new. Two more incidence of single site break on follow-up were accounted. UDVA after one year post-op range from 20/30 to 20/20 with mean of 20/24, logMAR 0.079 + 0.07. UDVA after two years range from 20/25 to 20/20 with mean of 20/24, logMAR 0.072 + 0.79. Mean BCVA after two years is 20/21, logMAR of 0.021 + 0.02. Mean keratometry one year post-op is decreased to 43.88D and two-years post-op is decreased to 42.11D.


Myoring Implantation with two years follow-up manifests stable results both in desisting the evolution of Keratoconus, as shown in the decreased keratometry; and in improving unaided visual acuity.

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