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Correct vertical massage technique with the Eyepeace lid massager changes the tear film lipid layer

Poster Details

First Author: A.Sharma UK

Co Author(s):    J. Moore   E. Pazo   B. Sharma   N. Sharma   J. Wawrzynski   J. Than     

Abstract Details


Vertical lid massage is the correct method to massage the eye lids in patients with meibomian gland disease according to the international workshop on meibomian gland disease. To show self vertical massage of the eyelids with the eyelid massager does change the lipid layer of the tear film.


Eyeworld Ltd, Bedford, UK


The lipid layer of the tear film of twenty eyes of patients with meibomian gland disease were examined with a Polaris Tearscope, before and then 1 minute after massage with the Eyepeace Lidmassager. Tear lipid colour and spread were documented.


Images show the the tear lipid layer was consistently more colourful and usually more spread out after massage than before massage. This suggests the lipid layer to be thicker and in greater quantity due to increased coverage after massage.


Verical lid massage is known to be the most effective method to massage meibomian glands. The Eyepeace lidmassager allows patients to do this consistently and effectively as shown by the thicker colourful and more spread out lipids after massage than before massage.

Financial Disclosure:

One or more of the authors gains financially from product or procedure presented

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