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The efficacy of trehalose as a protective factor in rheumatoid arthritis-associated keratitis and peripheral ulceration

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First Author: I.Rokita-Wala POLAND

Co Author(s):    M. Majchrowicz                    

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To review the efficacy for corneal healing of the Trehalose in treating patients with rheumatoid arthritis-associated keratitis and peripheral ulceration.


1.BIEL-MED sp. z o.o., Szpital Pod Bukami , Bielsko-Biała, 2. Okomed-Okulistyka sp. z o.o , Ustroń, Poland


All 9 (11 eyes) patients suffered from rheumatoid arthritis associated with keratitis and/or peripheral ulceration. In all cases the antibiotic, steroid, mydriatic as well as local non-steroid anti-inflammatory agents were applied. The trehelose was applied 3 times a day. The sensation during application of drops was monitored. The follow-up time was 3 months. The comparison of the best corrected visual acuity (BCVA) with spectacles before and after treatment was done. The state of the cornea, i.e. transparency, closure of epithelial defect, subjective symptoms as discomfort, pain (1-4 levels score), was taken into consideration


In all of the cases, BCVA was equal or improved as compared to those before the treatment. On the 3rd day of trehalose application, the patients reported less discomfort and pain that was, however, less severe (1st to 2nd level of score) in case of all patients. Some of patients demonstrated a marked reduction in conjunctival injection. The closure of epithelial defect was completed on 5th day in all eyes. Nobody complained about serve discomfort or pain sensation during application of trehalose. We did not observe any deep ulceration or perforation during follow–up in case of the patients examined.


The trehalose is a safe and effective treatment that facilitates a process of healing and that protects corneal epithelium. It is comfortable for patients and is characterized by minimum pain sensation.

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