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After cataract (PCO) formation in paediatric pseudophakic eyes after early congenital cataract surgery

Poster Details

First Author: N.Bobrova UKRAINE

Co Author(s):    A. Dembovetskaya                    

Abstract Details


To study distinctive features of after-cataract formation in pseudophakic peadiatric eyes after early congenital cataracts surgery.


SI «Filatov Institute of Eye Diseases and Tissue Therapy NAMS of Ukraine», Peadiatric department, Odessa, Ukraine


96 infants 1-24 mo/o (mean 9,9±5,3 mo) with congenital cataracts (154 eyes) after phacoaspiration with primary IOL Acrysof implantation. PCCR with dry vitrectomy during primary procedure was performed on 87 eyes (56,5%). Transparent posterior capsule was preserved on 67 eyes (43,5%).


After-cataract has developed in 12 months follow up on 129 of 154 eyes (83,7 %): 100% infants operated before 3 mo/o, 85,0% - before 6 mo/o, 83,3% - before 9 mo/o, 81,3% - after 10 mo/o. PCO formation was found almost with nearly frequency after primary posterior capsule preservation (89,6%) and after PCCR with dry vitrectomy (79,3%). Thus, absence of posterior capsule, anterior hyaloid membrane and vitreous behind IOL optic did not stop after-cataract formation. Posterior IOL surface at these cases becomes a basis for proceeding LEC growth which the thin neogenic membrane formation closely connected with posterior IOL surface.


PCO has developed more often and faster on pseudophakic eyes of the youngest patients operated before 3 (100%) and 6 mo/o (85,0%). PCO has developed actually with nearly frequency as after posterior capsule preservation (89,6%) as after PCCR with dry vitrectomy (79,3%) during primary procedure.

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