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Comparison of peripheral corneal relaxing incisions and toric intraocular lenses for the correction of astigmatism

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First Author: I.Kilic Muftuoglu TURKEY

Co Author(s):    Y. Aydin Akova                    

Abstract Details


To compare the efficacy and short-term stability of toric intraocular lenses (tIOL) and peripheral cornea relaxing incisions (PCRI) during phacoemulsification.


Bayindir Hospital, Department of Ophthalmology and Baskent University, School of Medicine, Department of Ophthalmology


Patients with preexisting corneal astigmatism had cataract surgery either with tIOL (Acrysof Toric) (39 eyes of 35 patients) or standard IOL (Acrysof)+PCRIs (38 eyes of 33 patients). Patients were retrospectively evaluated for manifest refraction, corneal topography, uncorrected (UCVA) and corrected visual acuities (CDVA) preoperatively, and at postoperative 1 and 6- month. The Alpins vectorial method was used to analyze the target (TIA) and surgically (SIA) induced astigmatism, magnitude of error (the difference between the magnitude of SIA and TIA) (ME) and correction index (CI).


The mean pre-operative corneal astigmatism was 2.21±1.32 D in toric IOL group, and 2.24±0.96 D in PCRI group; the difference was not significant. The decrease in astigmatism was significant in both groups at last follow-up (64%: toric IOL group; 32%: PCRI group, p< 0.01, Wilcoxon-signed test). The mean residual refractive astigmatism was significantly higher in PCRI group than in toric IOL at 1-month (1.42±1.22, 0.89±0.68, respectively) and 6-month follow-ups (1.75±1.37 D, 0.92±0.72, respectively) (p<0.01, Wilcoxon-signed test). The mean ME was significantly lower (-0.35 versus -0.88) with a higher CI (0.96 versus 0.56) in toric IOL group at postoperative 6-month.


Both toric IOL implantation and using PCRI were effective methods to reduce preoperative astigmatism at the time of the cataract surgery. However toric IOLs provided better residual astigmatism with a more stable refraction than PCRI.

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