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Post LASIK biometry using Borasio Myopic/Hyperopic IOLMaster Regression formula (BMR/BHR): a step beyond BESSt

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First Author: E.Borasio UNITED ARAB EMIRATES

Co Author(s):                        

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To evaluate the accuracy of two new post LASIK/PRK regression formulas called BMR (myopic formula) and BHR (hypermetropic formula) and comparing them to other formulas such as BESSt, Shammas PL Myopia and Haigis L.


Burjeel Hospital, Abu Dhabi, UAE


We retrospectively compared the mean errors (ME) and median absolute errors (MAE) of each formula in a group of 136 consecutive eyes undergoing phacoemulsification following LASIK/PRK. Eyes were grouped according to their pre-refractive surgery refractive error (102 myopia; 34 hypermetropia).


In the Myopic group the ME was: BMR (0.07± 0.99 D), BESSt 2 Myopia (0.54± 1.23 D), BESSt 1 (-0.05± 1.30 D), Shammas PL Myopia, (-1.05± 1.12 D), Haigis L (-0.89± 1.23 D). The MAE was: BMR (0.69± 0.73 D), BESSt 2 Myopia (0.98± 0.91 D), BESSt 1 (1.07± 0.73 D), Shammas PL Myopia, (1.32± 0.79 D), Haigis L (1.23± 0.89 D). In the Hypermetropic group the ME was: BHR (0.28± 0.81 D), BESSt 2 Hyperopia (0.16± 1.08 D), BESSt 1 (-0.72± 0.99 D), Shammas PL Hyperopia (-0.09± 1.14 D). The MAE was: BHR (0.70±0.48 D), BESSt 2 Hyperopia (0.83± 0.69 D), BESSt 1 (1.06± 0.60 D), Shammas PL Hyperopia, (0.83± 0.76 D).


In the Myopic group, BMR was statistically significantly more accurate than BESSt1 (p<0.001) and BESSt2 Myopia (p:0.033), Shammas PL-Myopia (p<0.001) and Haigis L (p<0.001) and had the lowest SD (0.99 D). 30% more eyes were <0.50D from the target compared to BESSt1 and 2. In the Hypermetropic group, BHR was statistically significantly more accurate than BESSt1 (<0.001) and Shammas PL-Hyperopia (p:0.03) and was as accurate as BESSt2 (p<0.05). BHR had the lowest SD (0.81 D). 13% more eyes were <0.50 D from the target compared to BESSt2, and 50% more compared to BESSt1

Financial Disclosure:

One or more of the authors has significant investment interest in a company producing, developing or supplying product or procedure presented

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