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Cataract surgery outcome in the elderly population: a good outcome?

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First Author: O.Berens PORTUGAL

Co Author(s):    B. Pina   I. Rodrigues   A. Rebelo   A. Candeias           

Abstract Details


To evaluate the result not only in visual acuity but also in quality of life after cataract surgery in the elderly population (≥ 80 years). The effectiveness of cataract surgery is generally well established. If there is no pre-existing eye comorbidity, more than 95% can be expected to achieve a visual acuity of 0.50 or better after cataract surgery. What about in the elderly (≥ 80 years) and very elderly population(≥ 85 years )? Do this growing subset of people fare that good?


A prospective consecutive case series study of 26 patients ≥80 years undergoing cataract surgery at the Ophthalmology Department of Hospital of Espírito Santo EPE Evora; Portugal


Assessment was performed using the following criteria: Surgical technique, systemic comorbidity; eye comorbidity, medication with ocular effects; BCVA pre and post op (Snellen scale), analysis of NEI VFQ-9 items( portuguese free translation) results using the score method published with the original instrument. We also used the T Student test to compare pre operatory (preop) and post operatory (postop) values on-visual acuity and all the items in NEI VFQ9.


16 women/10 men; 80 - 91years (mean 83 years); comorbid eye conditions -; systemic comorbidity - all patients. Phacoemulsification - both eyes - 17 patients, 1 eye -9 patients. Mean OU BCVA preop - 0.32, postop - 0.75. NEIVFQ9 scores: Global score preop-41, postop-75. Global Vision preop-38, postop - 75. Well being preop - 38, postop - 78. Subset score - near vision questions preop-40, postop-78. Driving (5 patients) preop-50, postop-95. Distance vision preop-39, postop-68. Role limitation preop-43, postop -74. Peripheral vision preop -44, postop-75. High significant value of p (p inferior to 0.000) for all items.


80%(16)of patients had a postop BCVA of ≥0,70. 92%(24 patients) had significant improvements in both visual function and self reported quality of life. The benefits remained inconsistent in those with severe maculopathy . All NEI VFQ-9 items had a significant postop improvement. Self assessment of cataract surgery benefits was positive in 25 patients, including 1 patient with severe maculopathy. Albeit we need further studies focused in the elderly, cataract surgery is still a highly effective procedure for most elderly people with improvement of Visual acuity, of self reported visual function, and consequent autonomy with a deemed positive economical impact.

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