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Evaluation of implantation, haptic externalization and suture fixation/sclerization of hydrophobic multipiece intraocular lenses in aphakics with absent or inadequate capsular support

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First Author: Z.Mazhry PAKISTAN

Co Author(s):                        

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To evaluate the results of scleral fixation and haptic externalization/sclerization of foldable posterior chamber Multipiece intraocular lenses (SF-PCIOLs) in Aphakics with absent or inadequate capsular support.


Central Park Medical College and WAPDA Teaching Hospital Complex ,210 Feroz Por Road, Lahore ,Pakistan.


Design of the study was noncomparative interventional case series.10 eyes of 8 patients who underwent primary (2 eyes) or secondary (8 eyes) surgical intervention. The primary cases included those undergoing surgery for lens subluxation due to Marfan’s syndrome, and secondary cases included those with traumatic or surgical aphakia. All eyes lacked adequate capsular support. The IOLs were implanted or injected in AC. Haptics of the IOL were externalized and suture fixated or sclerized. Transcleral suture passage was always abexterno. Visual acuity (VA), IOL position, and postoperative complications were the main outcome measures.


The mean age of patients at the time of surgery was 29 years (range5-67). The mean duration of follow-up after surgery was 14 months (range03–62). The IOLs used included ALCON AcrSof Multipiece (9 yes) and Hoya Preloaded Multipiece (1 Eye). 6 eyes had Double haptic fixation (DHSF), two had SHSF, one had haptic externalization and sclerization and 1 had repositioning with DHSF. Average BCVA postoperatively was 6/12 with spherical equivalent of -0.5. All the IOLs were well centered. The main cause of reduced vision was corneal and retinal pathologies and amblyopia. Complications included transient intraocular hemorrhage in 6 eyes (60%), transient rise of IOP in 2 eyes (20%).


Scleral fixation/haptic externalization of foldable Multipiece hydrophobic acrylic PCIOLs can be visually rewarding in selected cases. Complications can be minimized by adopting the proper technique.

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