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Comparative analysis and managment of posterior capsular plaque in paediatric cataracts

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First Author: M.Mahendra INDIA

Co Author(s):    S. Mahendra                    

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To determine the presence of Posterior Capsular plaques during pediatric cataract surgery and assess the outcome following its management.


Khairabad Eye Hospital,Kanpur,India


The study included all pediatric cataracts upto the age of 18yrs.The cases were divided into three groups.Group(A) Bilateral Congenital Cataracts; Group(B) Unilateral Congenital Cataracts and Group(C) Traumatic Cataracts.All cases having Posterior Capsular plaque were managed either by peeling off the membrane using viscoelastics and utrata forcep or excising the membrane with the help of vitreoretinal scissors and performing anterior vitrectomy.IOL implantation was done either in the sulcus or in-the-bag.


A total of 378 eyes operated revealed 67 (17.7%) Posterior Capsular Plaques.219 eyes in Group(A) observed 21 (9.6%) posterior capsular plaques.46 eyes operated in Group(B) observed 14 (30.4%) posterior capsular plaques and 113 eyes operated in Group(C) observed 32 (28.3%) posterior capsular plaques.A follow up of 1 year revealed clear visual axis with proper IOL centration and no significant inflammatory signs.A high percentage of posterior capsular plaques was clearly observed in unilateral congenital and traumatic cataracts.


Managing these plaques using skillful and diligent surgical techniques clears visual axis and helps improve the outcome.

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