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Lenticule extraction in the refractive treatment of low myopia

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Session Details

Session Title: Femtosecond Small Lenticule Extraction II

Session Date/Time: Tuesday 08/09/2015 | 16:30-18:30

Paper Time: 16:36

Venue: Room 17

First Author: : J.Faure FRANCE

Co Author(s): :    L. Trinh                    

Abstract Details


To report the clinical results after a small incision lenticule extraction (SMILE) procedure performed on 127 eyes to treat myopia from –0,75 to 2,00 diopters.


Espace Nouvelle Vision refractive surgery center, Paris and Pôle Vision Val d'Ouest, Lyon.


127 eyes were selected according to the classical refractive surgery eligibility criteria. The mean patient's age was 31, 5 years. The mean pre operative spherical equivalent was –1, 58 diopters (D), from –0, 75 to –2, 00 D. The refractive lenticule extractions were performed on a femtosecond laser VisuMax platform in both centers. All the per operative and post operative adverse events were reported. The patients were followed up at 1 day, 1 month, 3 months and 6 months after surgery with Uncorrected Distance Visual Acuity (UDVA), Mean Refraction Spherical Equivalent (MRSE) and slit lamp examination.


The incision size ranged from 2, 4 to 3 millimeters and the caps were created from 130 to 160 microns depth. The thinnest lenticule extracted measured 33 microns. There was only one lenticule dislocated in two parts during the surgical extraction, but it was fully removed and there was no consequence on the postoperative uncorrected visual acuity. At 1 month, 81% of patients raised 20/20 UDVA, and 95% raised 20/25. The MRSE was -0, 03 D +/- 0, 29 D.


refractive lenticule extraction is a safe and effective procedure to treat the low myopia. It offers satisfying visual outcomes. The removal of thin lenticule does not represent technical surgical difficulties. It is a less invasive procedure with no flap correlated postoperative risk. The SMILE must find its place in the refractive treatment of low myopia, as an alternative to LASIK or PRK.

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