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Objective optical quality analysis after cataract surgery: femtosecond-assisted cataract surgery vs conventional phacoemulsification

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Session Details

Session Title: FLACS II

Session Date/Time: Monday 07/09/2015 | 14:30-16:00

Paper Time: 14:30

Venue: Room 16

First Author: : L.Bascaran SPAIN

Co Author(s): :    I. Recalde-Beitia   M. De Frutos-Lezaun   I. Urreta   J. Mendicute           

Abstract Details


Study to describe and compare objective optical quality parameter changes after femtosecond assisted cataract surgery (FLACS) and conventional phacoemulsification cataract surgery.


Hospital Universitario Donostia ,Spain


100 patients with bilateral cataract were included for surgery, receiving FLACS in one eye and conventional phacoemulsification in the fellow eye one week later.Surgeries were performed with VICTUS Femtosecond Platform(Bausch+Lomb) and Infiniti Vision System(Alcon) followed by Envista(Bausch+Lomb) IOL implantation.A complete ophthalmological examination, including objective optical quality analysis, was performed before, 1-day, 1-week, 1-month, 3-months and 6-months after surgery.Objective optical quality was measured using Optical Quality Analysis System (OQAS)(Visiometrics SL, Spain).Cutoff frequency of modulation transfer function(MTFcutoff), objective scattering index(OSI), Strehl ratio and the optical quality analysis system values (OV)100%, OV20% and OV9% were measured. Statistical analysis was performed with STATA.


In the FLACS group,mean(±SD) preoperative values for OSI,MTF-cutoff,Strehl ratio,OV100%,OV20% and OV9% were 4,54±2,83, 14,69±9,26, 0,09±0,04, 0,50±0,31, 0,47±0,29 and 0,49±0,32 respectively.6-month postoperative mean(±SD) values were 1,55±0,99, 28,71±10,29, 0,15±0,04, 0,96±0,35, 0,98±0,94 and 0,85±0,30 respectively.In the phacoemulsification group, mean(±SD) preoperative values for OSI,MTF-cutoff,Strehl ratio,OV100%, OV20% and OV9% were 5,10±2,95, 12,11±6,51, 0,09±0,03, 0,41±0,22, 0,39±0,21 and 0,40±0,21.6-month postoperative mean mean values(±SD) were 1,55±1,10, 29,45±9,84, 0,15±0,04, 0,98±0,33, 0,91±0,33 and 0,86±0,28 respectively.Postoperative differences in OSI,MTF-cutoff,Strehl ratio, OV100%, OV20% and OV9% between FLACS and phacoemulsification groups were not statistically significant(p>0.05).


Differences in OSI, MTF-cutoff, Strehl ratio, OV 100%, OV 20% and OV 9% between groups one day, one week, one month, three months or six months after surgery are not statistically significant in any of the visits in this series of patients.

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