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Rayner supplementary toric IOLs: implantation outcomes analysis

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Session Details

Session Title: Pseudophakic IOLs Toric

Session Date/Time: Sunday 06/09/2015 | 16:30-18:30

Paper Time: 17:04

Venue: Room 16

First Author: : K.Pershin RUSSIA

Co Author(s): :    E. Gurmizov                    

Abstract Details


Ametropy correction following a cataract surgery nowadays is achieved using several methods. We are of the opinion that the most effective procedure in case of minor spheric ametropy combined with weak or moderate astigmatism is the implantation of Rayner Sulcoflex Toric supplementary IOL. However the post-surgery outcome is sometimes miscalculated, due to possible lens rotation. And the IOL repositioning does not always ensure the desired result. A simple and secure IOL positioning fixation is needed.


Excimer Clinic, St.Petersburg, Russia


7 Reyner sulcus toric IOLs (7 patients) have been implanted. 4 of them were standard and 3 were premium, the latter had cylinder component above 3 dioptres. The patients had been observed for over 2 years. Within 1 month following the surgery one patient with a standard IOL and two patients with premium IOLs showed lens rotation causing vision deterioration. And we observed that strong meridian was lying in skew axes (40 to 130 degrees).


Repositioning surgeries have been performed and showed in 2 weeks time following the procedure that IOLs rotated again. We made a decision to stabilize the supplementary IOL in the sulcus by fixing one of the haptic elements to the pre-corneal iris area with a 10.0 suture. The surgeries took little time and caused no complications. Refractive indexes throughout he observation period corresponded the calculated parameters and remained stable.


Fixation of a Rayner supplementary sulcus toric IOL haptic element to the iris by a 10.0 suture is a secure method ensuring proper lens positioning.

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