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Evaluation of safety and efficacy of nepafenac eye drops and its comparision with prednisolone eye drops in ocular inflammation in patients following cataract surgery

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Session Details

Session Title: Special Cases I

Session Date/Time: Sunday 06/09/2015 | 14:30-16:00

Paper Time: 15:10

Venue: Room 10

First Author: : V.Rajput INDIA

Co Author(s): :    P. Naik   U. Usgaonkar   S. Bhalsing              

Abstract Details


Cataract surgery being an invasive process, requires incision, cutting of ocular tissue and intraocular tissue manipulation,which leads to disruption of the blood-aqueous barrier with cellular infiltration leading to intraocular inflammation. Glucocorticoids suppress the production of inflammatory chemical mediators, but the anti-inflammatory effect is accompanied at times by interference with cellular wound healing in the post-operative period, aggravate infection and have a tendency to raise intraocular pressure. This study evaluates the efficacy of Nepafenac eye drops (0.1%) in ocular inflammation following cataract surgery & monitor its adverse effects, if any and to compare its anti-inflammatory properties with Prednisolone eye drops.


Goa Medical College, Tertiary eye care center, Goa, India.


In this randomized, comparative study patients who underwent cataract surgery with intraocular lens implantation were divided randomly in two groups-Group A [100 CCPE (clear corneal phacoemulsification), 50 SICS (small incision cataract surgery)] received nepafenac eye drops & group B (100 CCPE, 50 SICS) received prednisolone eye drops for six weeks. The patients were examined on day 1, 1st , 3rd & 6th week for signs of inflammation. To test the stastical significance, z –test of significance was used.


In group A with CCPE, 24% of patients with no cells on day 1, improved to 78% by week 1 and 95% by 3rd week. 76% of patients with cells on day 1 reduced to 5% by week 3. In group B with CCPE, 31% of patients with no cells on day 1, improved to 58% by week 1 and 89% by 3rd week. 69% of patients with cells on day 1 reduced to 11% by week 3. None of the patients had cells at the end of 6th week. Similar results were seen in patients with SICS.


In this study we proved that Nepafenac eye drops was equally efficacious as prednisolone and no side-effects of nepafenac were noted . Hence, to conclude in patients with uneventful cataract surgery, nepafenac eye drops produce similar anti-inflammatory effect as that of prednisolone eye drops with additional advantage of better pain relief and without the side-effects associated with steroids.

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