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Optical quality after implantation of the new MICS INCISE® IOL

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Session Details

Session Title: Pseudophakic IOLs: Monofocal. Cataract Surgery Instrumentation

Session Date/Time: Saturday 05/09/2015 | 16:00-18:30

Paper Time: 16:24

Venue: Room 10

First Author: : S.Morselli ITALY

Co Author(s): :    A. Toso                    

Abstract Details


: To evaluate the post-operative visual and optical quality of the eye implanted with this new type of MICS 1.5 mm incision IOL.


San Bassiano Hospital, Bassano del Grappa (VI), Italy.


We considered 22 eyes of 11 patients affected by cataract.Mean age was 76,7 ±3,65 years. After 1 month post-operative, best corrected distance visual acuity and distance-corrected near visual acuity was evaluated . All eyes underwent pre-operative corneal aberration analysis with the Zeiss I Sight™ aberrometer. After 1 month, pre- and post-operative corneal aberrations were compared. Post-operative total ocular, high order and corneal aberrations were also considered separately to determine the post operative high order aberrations, spherical aberration Z(4,0) induced by this IOL at 3-4-5 mm pupil diameter and PSF.


Post-operative best corrected distance visual acuity was 0,096±0,012 log MAR, and pre-operative corneal aberrations were 0,4539±0,363 μm RMS, post operative corneal aberrations were 0,454 ±0, 362 μm. Post-operative total ocular high order aberrations were 0,1323±0,08 μm at 3 mm, 0,186±0,11 μm at 4 mm, 0,189±0,11 at 5 mm; internal high order aberrations were -0,011±0,008 μm at 5 mm, 0,003±0,003 μm at 4 mm, 0,0006±0,0004 μm at 3 mm; spherical aberrations were -0,07±0,007 μm at 5 mm, 0,020±0,004 μm at 4 mm, 0,011±0,003 μm at 3mm, and the mean PSF was 0,316±0,25.


High order aberrations and spherical aberrations are not increased by this IOL. Total ocular high order aberrations are less than high order corneal aberrations which means that this IOL compensates for natural high order corneal aberrations at 5 mm pupils. At 3 and 4 mm pupil diameter, this IOL doesn't induce HOA at the operated eye. Negative spherical aberrations Z(4,0) induced by this IOL at 5 mm maybe due to the optical design of the IOL. PSF was very high. This IOL should be the lens of choice after corneal surgery.

Financial Interest:

One of the authors receives non-monetary benefits from a company producing, developing or supplying the product or procedure presented.

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