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Femto SMILE and the magical wand of Harry Potter

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Session Title: Refractive
Session Date/Time: Sunday 28/02/2016 | 08:30-11:00
Paper Time: 10:42
Venue: Skalkotas
First Author: : N.Ayaad EGYPT
Co Author(s): :                  

Abstract Details


to list the advantages and dis advantages of RELEX femto smile in low refractive error myopic and astigmatic patients vs high errors and the post surgical out comes as visual acuity ,contrast sensitivity and high order aberrations seen by the patient.


International eye Lasik center in Cairo Egypt


Prospective clinical case series, patients underwent FLEx at a single tertiary center over 2 years with postsurgical follow-up of 1,3,6 months . The patients were divded into 3 groups ( A: simple low myopia ≤ -4.00 ) ( B high myopia ≤ - 10.00 ) ( C astigmatism till -4.00 ) using UABCVA and patients complains about glare and night driving and wave front analyzer.


50 patients with age ranging from 21-45 in all groups all complaining of hazy vision night driving difficulty haloes despite of vision on Snellen’s chart 20/20 . HOA were doubled or tripled especially spherical aberrations and coma seen also in RMS . follow up 1,3,6 month postoperative showing same complains and same results: Noticed more in grope A . (I SEE VERY WELL BUT IM NOT COMFORTABLE WITH MY VISION QUILTY ) is our most famous phrase we hear in our center . all patients had 110 m cap lenticular diameter not less than 6.7 ,residual stroma not less than 250 m


we all need harry potter magical wand to make our patients happy but we can’t have that , all we can do be honest with our selves and with our patients and to give reasonable expectation taking into considerations the tech. we have and to customize for every one his best suggestion to lose his spectacles . Relex is a promising technique but still not magical answers to all our patients.

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